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The school held celebrations for its centenary in 1978 -  the girls below are (from left) Lisa Giles, Kirsty Sinfield and Genevieve Verity.

More photos of the school centenary

The following is a reproduction of notes provided by the school at that time and sold for the price of 5p. The foreword is by the then headmaster, Mr Tremayne - as shown in the list of headteachers.. 
(A photograph of headmaster Mr W E Burton can be seen here.)

Bow Brickhill C. F. School
21 January, 1878 - 21st January, 1978

The following extracts from the log books are mainly notes depicting items of interest from the earlier days of the school.

Many of the entries in the logs are of course, purely routine, so this can only be a very brief summary.  Nevertheless, I believe it does give some small idea of the changing face of education over the years.

Some of the early problems, both human and otherwise are reflected in these extracts - a few of them not without humour.

I hope they will be of some interest.

E. G. Tremayne.

(Note:- The entries will have been made by the head teacher of the time.)



21/1/1878 - 31/12/1900

Mr. E. C. R. Langley
7/1/1901 - 31/10/1907 Mr. J. Holden
1/11/1907 - 30/9/1932 Mr. W. E. Burton
1/12/32 - 4/12/36 Miss E. M French
4/1/37 - 27/7/45 Miss R Hirst
10/9/45 - 26/2/50 Mrs. J.V. Smith
27/2/50 - 19/7/68 Mrs. E. E. Illingworth
1/1/69 -  Mr. E. G Tremayne
21 January 1878 School Opened - 70 Scholars
October 1878 "Fenny Fair" - Many children absent this afternoon in consequence.
March 1879 Five children gone to Woburn Sands School because the fees there are lower.
May 1879 Lost two more scholars today, because the Board demand extra fees from tradesmen.
August 1879 School fees for tradesmens' children lowered - those who left have come back.
October 1879 Childrnen gleaning - attendance small.
October 1880 My Lords have ordered the Grant to be reduced by one-tenth on account of faults of instruction.
April 1885 I have this morning visited the school and checked the registers.  Found the school orderly and listened with interest to the Grammar lesson which was being given.  
Clerk to the Board.
December 1886 Amount received for school fees - 9.3.7.  Quarterly Salary for Headmaster and Assistant 27.10.0.
February 1887 The Board unanimously decided that their scale of fees should remain as they are and any parent not sending the required fee, the child to be sent home.
April 1887 It was reported that one boy and one girl had passed the age of 13 and had made sufficient attendances to warrant them leaving school.
October 1887 Letter re School clock;
A Firm at Northampton.

Dear Sir,
My father and I have examined the school clock at Bow Brickhill and find that it has been oiled with bad oil which has clogged up the works.  It requires taking to pieces and thoroughly cleaning and one or two little alterations making to the rods and bevel wheels leading to the dials, also the motion behind the dials.  Our price for executing the above alternations, cleaning and putting in thorough order will be 3.  To keep it in proper order after that 12/- per year.

Yours truly, etc.

(Shades of the Past!)

January 1888 Band of Hope hire school for 3d per night - held responsible for any damage done.
May 1888 Supply of Iron Fencing for orchard to be supplied at 1s. 10d per lineal yard. 3/- received for old fence.
June 1888 The Clerk was instructed to write to the Inspector of Nuisances asking if any steps are likely to be taken to remove a certain family, as they are a positive nuisance to the Parish.
December 1889 Two brothers have left the school and gone to Aspley because I refused a bad half-penny in their fees.
December 1890 "Fat Stock" Fair at Fenny has taken away all the older boys this afternoon.
July 1891 "Band of Hope" Treat this afternoon - school closed.
December 1891 No school this afternoon - I was too ill to attend.
January 1892 Children doing their work well according to routine - only two cases of insubordination, which were summarily dealt with.
June 1893 Bell rung this morning, but only 24 children presented themselves.  The woods are opened for huckleberrying.  After sending to two members of the Board, I sent them home.
July 1893 Very small attendance - an Auction Sale in the village has materially affected it this afternoon.
November 1893 Nearly all the boys "beating" today for Gentlemen shooting in the neighbourhood  - only 3 or 4 boys present - closed school.
February 1894 Typhoid Fever is spreading up the hill and Whooping Cough very prevalent since Christmas.
October 1895 "The Blisters" very prevalent - many children cannot come to school.
March 1896 Attempted marching in the Physical Exercises, though very little room.
March 1897 Have kept school with great difficulty this last fortnight, having been suffering from a bronchial affection with loss of voice and great prostration.
January 1898 Woods opened for "wooding" - attendance affected.
July 1898 Request from monitor for increase in Salarly.  Granted increase of 1/- making 3/6d per week.
November 1898 A letter was read to the Board Secretary complaining of the Chairman entering the school and thrashing one of his boys with a whip.  The Board expressed their sorrow upon the subject and expressed the desire that this should not be repeated.
December 1899 Assistant Teacher, having been insulted in the village by a rude boy, "summoned" him and had to appear against him this morning.
December 1902 A fatal case of Diphtheria.
March 1903 Received notice of the "Appointed Day" under the Education Act, 1902.
1904 - 1906 Many changes in Assistant Staff.
December 1907 Many children absent this morning in order to go to Woburn to fetch gifts of venison.
March 1908 The Headmaster made application for a new master's desk.  The Managers, however, could not see their way to recommend this, as a new Master's desk would cost about 5, but they agreed that the needlework table should be brought in from the Infant Room.
October 1908 Water from well at Bow Brickhill School impure - must be boiled.
March 1909 Estimate of expenses for the year, 1909-10.
Salaries of Teachers 242. 10. 0
Books 13. 11. 4
Rates 4. 3. 0
Fuel 9. 10. 0
Lights 10. 0
Cleaning 3. 10. 0
Repairs 5. 0. 0
Prizes 1. 2. 0
279. 16. 4
May 1909 Still no water supply on the School premises, though there is one now just across the road.
May 1909 School closed owing to measles.
March 1911 N.S.P.C.C. Inspector called on a certain house today.  He reported the house to be in a filthy condition.  Due warning was given regarding the dirty condition of house and children.
March 1911 Four children excluded from school for 7 days owing to their verminous condition.
March 1912 Medical Inspection by Lady Doctor.
March 1914 9 Children excluded for verminous heads.
September 1914 A water supply has been put in the School.
September 1915 Three children taken to the Work-house today owing to their neglected and verminous condition.  Case adjourned pending the arrest of the Mother, who has disappeared.
November 1916 Outbreak of Scarlet Fever.
November 1917 Lantern Lecture at the Picture Palace.
1917 - 1918 Emphasis on food growing e.g. "Victory Potato Plots" etc.
March 1918 20 poles of ground cultivated with potatoes - 16 bushels produced. 860 lbs of blackberries gathered for Army and Navy jam making.
March 1919 10 poles of potatoes cultivated, 9 bushels produced. 1430 lbs. Blackberries gathered for Army and Navy jam making.
April 1923 Holiday for the wedding of H.R.H. the Duke of York.
March 1929 Further case of Scarlet Fever.
January 1936 School closed for funeral of the late King George V.
September 1939 Evacuees from London enrolled.
1941-42 Succession of Air Raid Warnings.
February 1942 Childrens' Gas Masks examined by Chief A.R.P. Warden.
May 1945 School closed. V.E. Day
November 1947 Holiday for the wedding of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth and Lieut. Philip Mounbatten.
April 1948 Silver Wedding of King and Queen.
1950 - 1977 Mainly Routine.  Numerous entries in connection with the general running of the School, e.g.
Harvest Thanksgivings, Concerts, Sports, Open Days, Christmas parties, School Visits, Provision of Swimming Pool, P.T.A. Activities. etc. etc.

Bow Brickhill CE Primary School


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