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Youth Club

1894 - 1994

In celebration of the centenary of Bow Brickhill Parish Council the Parish Council of 1994 prepared some notes based on the minutes of the meetings held in the previous hundred years.  All the research was done by Mary Preen.  The notes are reproduced below.  

The contemporary comments on the various items therefore date back to 1994. Additional notes in italics have been added more recently by the web site owner. 

The first Parish Council meeting was held on the 4th December 1894.  Bow Brickhill Parish was under the Rural District of Newport Pagnell and the County of Bucks .

First business was to elect a Chairman, proposed by W Hartwell and seconded by Eli Claridge that W Claridge be Chairman for the meeting.  This was carried unanimously.

Councillors were elected:

Eli Claridge 44 votes
Benjamin Johnston 30 votes
Samuel Chaplin 27 votes
Rev J Groves 27 votes
George Atterbury 26 votes

A vote of thanks was given to the Chairman (W Claridge) for residing that evening.  Mr Claridge served as Chairman until 1937.

The meetings were held at the school.


The village charities were discussed and it was agreed that there was a need to appoint trustees.

Footpaths - A Footpath Committee was established.  Overseers for the Poor appointed. Mr Ross was appointed as Village Constable for 1.1s.00d per annum.

The precept was set at 17s 10d.

Mr Way asked that a pile of manure be removed from the road at Caldecotte as it was causing an obstruction.

Water Supply - A request was made to the District Council to try and establish a water supply at the top of the hill.  By 1897 a pump was established at Blue Spring (above the substation in Church Road) with stand pipes down the hill.  The project cost 78.00s.00d and the money was raised by voluntary donations. (82.00s.ood was actually raised, so the balance was used for a party!).

Post Office - the Parish Council asked the Post Master in Bletchley if the village could have its own Post office, which was agreed to almost straight away.


Footpath - The Parish Council discussed the merits of having a footpath along Station Road, in the end it was decided not to bother but to improve the road surface instead.

Saw pit.  It was felt that for safety reasons the saw pit be fenced in.  The pit was situated next to Lantern Cottage on Station Road (where a new house now stands), it was mainly used for cutting large lengths of elm to make coffins.

Parish Clerk.  The Clerk wrote 150 letters and 19 pages of minutes and was therefore awarded 4.00s.00d. per annum salary.

Railway Crossing.  The crossing was felt to be dangerous and so L.M.S. were asked to place sleepers between the rails.

Lamp - A lamp was placed on the village green by the corner paid for by private subscriptions.  At the same time the green was leveled.

Sewers - Several problems were being experienced with village sewers.  (It is ironical that nearly a century later problems are still being experienced!)


Village Charities stood at:

Poor & Heath 15. 7s. 11d
Apprentice 22. 8s. 05d
School 14. 3s. 01d
Aged & Impotent 3. 02. 00d
Parish Council Account 12 19s. 01d

Fire Services.  Fenny Stratford Urban District Council wrote to the Parish Council saying that they were to take over the control of the Fire Brigade.  Services would continue to Bow Brickhill for a charge of 4 per annum.


Finger Post. It was decided a Finger post was needed at the bottom of the hill to indicate to vehicular traffic the directions of Bletchley and Woburn Sands.


Stoneground Turf.  A report was received that turf was being removed from the Stoneground without the permission of the Parish Council.

Village Green. Concern was expressed that local inhabitant Mr Hartwell was encroaching onto the Village Green.

Footpaths and Stiles.  Constant references are made throughout the minutes regarding the condition of various paths and stiles.  In 1901 a youngster was called in front of the Parish Council and reprimanded after deliberately damaging a stile on the path to Caldecotte.  The father was ordered to make good.


Ditches.  Concern was expressed about the filthy state of the ditches opposite The Wheatsheaf and the practice of putting slops into the ditch above the Blue Spring - the first mention of pollution!

Rhododendrons.  The Duke of Bedford planted many rhododendrons along the walks through Bow Brickhill Park.  The Parish Council feared they would cause an obstruction along this right of way which had been used regularly for 70 years.

Vandals.  Some disposed persons had partially driven nails into a stile to Belvedere which had ripped some dresses.  The crime was reported to the police.


Woburn Cottage Hospital.  The Parish Council wrote to the Duke and Duchess of Bedford on behalf of the village sending "heartfelt gratitude for your kindness in erecting the splendidly equipped hospital at Woburn"(now Maryland College) "and granting them if necessary the benefit derived therefrom".


London End.  London End had fallen into a state of disrepair and as it is an important and well used route repairs were required.  However nobody would accept responsibility - Newport Pagnell Rural District Council, the Estate and local land owners all claiming it was not their problem.


Complaints received about bad language and slight damage caused to property by some village boys.  The Police were asked to make more frequent visits to the village.


Water Supply.  Newport Pagnell Rural District Council were asked to increase the size of the water storage tank on the hill, this they agreed to. (16,000 to 40,000 gallons).


Sanitary Committee.  The Parochial Sanitary Committee was set up in Bow and Little Brickhill at the suggestion of Newport Pagnell District Council to recommend a long term strategy.

School Stand Pipe.  A request for a stand pipe at the school was made.


Allotments.  Applications for allotments were made.


Hand Cuffs. The Parish Council requested that the Parish Constable be supplied with hand cuffs and a truncheon.


Post Office.  It was agreed that the Post Office should close on Thursday afternoon to allow the position a half day holiday.


Water Supply. A general letter was read out at a Parish Council meeting asking for general discussions regarding the water supply to the village.  There were at the time three main sources: 1. The Downs, 2. The Weeks 3. Blue Spring.  It was felt that some farmers and others were tapping into supplies for their fields causing the supply to fail at the bottom of the village.  Help was requested from Newport Pagnell Rural District Council.


Motor Tests.  The Parish Council complained to the Inspector that the use of the hill (especially on Sundays) for motor tests was dangerous.


The condition of the path at London End rumbled on ...


and on .........!


Elections.  Parish Council Elections were held over for an extra year because of the war.  It was reported that because of a labour shortage, women were being used on the land.


Venison.  The Council discussed how the gift of venison from the Duke of Bedford should be distributed.


Mr F Bodley. The Parish Council recorded the death of Mr Frederick Bodley, Clerk to the Council and Assistant Overseer for 22 years.  This replacement would need "a combination of knowledge, business aptitude and promptness in all detail."


A letter was received from the Duke of Bedford stating that the distribution of venison would have to cease due to "present cicumstances".


War Memorial.  After lengthy discussions it was proposed that the Clerk confer with the School Management Committee to fix a War Memorial tablet to the school wall.

Council houses.  A request to Newport Pagnell Rural District Council asked for the erection of eight dwellings.


Precept.  The precept was set at 12.10s.00d.

Fire Services.  A cheque was drawn for 5 for the services of the Fire Brigade and Appliance.

Church path.  The Church Walk was considered to be in a dangerous state.  The Clerk was instructed to ask the Rural District Council Surveyor to give the path some attention in the public interest.

War Memorial.  Clerk was instructed to write to the Rural District Council for permission to erect a war memorial on the Green and ask for a Finger Plate to be affixed directing the road to Woburn Sands.


War Memorial.  Rural District Council gave permission for the War Memorial on the Green.  The Parish Council agreed to undertake care and upkeep.  Mr W Ross was appointed Village Constable a position he held until 1933 when the position was abolished.  His salary was paid by the Parish Council until 1929 when it was ruled the Rural District Council should pay.

Telephone.  An application was made to the Postmaster of Bletchley for the supply of a Public Telephone. 


An application to the Head Postmaster was made for a letter box to be placed up the hill.

Village Green.  Newport Pagnell Rural District Council Sanitary Inspector was informed of a problem of refuse material and old tiles being dumped on the Green.


The Automobile Association was sent an urgent applications to ask for consideration of the removal of their 'danger' sign from its present position to a point at the corner turn to Woburn Sands and near the Old Rectory thereby warning the increased traffic of both roads.


Precept was set at 34.00s.00d.

Roads/Paths.  The Clerk was asked to report to Rural District Council the very bad condition of the roads and paths in general throughout the village.


A cheque was drawn to pay Mr John Munday being payment for the overlooking of the War Memorial for 1928.


A letter was sent to Bucks Education Committee strongly urging that electric light be installed in the school.

Footpath.  It was requested that the footpath between the village and the railway be made fit for people to walk on.


Tarmacing.  The County Surveyor was asked that if any further tarmacing was done up the hill a strip be left at the side for the sake of horses going up.


Water supply.  The Rural District Surveyor will take steps that the Parish water supply is not depleted while the boys are in camp during August.


There was a public meeting regarding the Right of Way of a footpath known as 'The Lane' and widening of the road.  The parishioners asked the Parish Council to resign.  Votes for the motion was 'for' 44, votes 'against' 0.  All the councillors resigned at the next meeting 19 July 1934.

17 September 1934

A new council was formed at a Parish meeting.  New councillors:  Horace Odell, Herbert Barden, Eleanor Collins, William Claridge, Rowland West (voted as chairman), Mr W E Burton appointed Parish Clerk.  


Seat erected near Tilbrook Farm.


Reference was made to the retirement of William Claridge who was on the first Parish Council.  A vote of thanks was passed to him for his long and faithful service.  A letter of sympathy was sent to the Duke of Bedford for the loss of the Duchess.


An application was made for 12 cottages for farm workers.


The County Council took over maintenance of footpaths.

Rats were a problem near Manor Farm.


An application was made for 30 houses to be built.  The most suitable site would be the site in line with the existing Council houses.

Protection of Woodlands and Trees.  The Rural District Council asked for recommendations as to what Woodlands and Trees should be preserved under the Town & Country planning Act 9143.  It was resolved on the motion of Mr Garrett seconded by Mr Odell that the Council reply that no definite spots be specified for preservation but that the Council hope that Bow Brickhill woods be exempt from any possible consideration for molestation.


Annual Parish Meeting.  Housing - the meeting objected to the development of housing at the back of the present council houses and suggested the continuation of development below the existing council houses and land already purchased for this purpose.  Also the meeting wished to draw attention to the suggested condemned cottages, between Manor Farm and the Congregational Chapel and recommended reconditioning or re-building.


Drain - the Clerk was requested to write to the O.C. Pioneer Corps, Woburn Sands asking him to arrange that the drains outside 'The Cheverals' and along the path leading from London End Lane to the Brickhill woods be cleaned out.


The Council requested the Housing Surveyor and Water Manager be requested to see that all polluted ditches in the village be disinfected at least once a month.  Also that the O.C. Pioneer Corps be informed of the nuisance caused by the dumping of rubbish on land occupied by the Forces suggesting this should be buried to prevent contamination.


Footpath needed.  The School Managers made a request to the Parish Council that a footpath was needed through the village on the side of the school in the interest of safety of the children.

1948 - 1963  

[The minutes for the above period were temporarily mislaid - they have now been found and extracts will be produced.]


Automatic barrier. British Rail suggested an automatic barrier at the Holt.

Christmas Lighting.  The additional cost for extended lighting in the village was 2.


Precept:  60 Lighting, 15 General.

Charity Accounts

Parochial 15. 9s. 4d
Apprentices 75. 13s. 11d
School Leaving 4. 4s. 1d

Greenways.  The Rural District Council asked the Parish Council for a suggestion for the new estate road, after a discussion considering the local and original names for both fields and the district the name "Greenway" was settled upon.

The New City.  Discussions began to take place regarding the proposal new city.  Newport Pagnell District Council rejected the plan by 15 votes to 6.  Whilst at a specially called meeting in Bow Brickhill 6 votes against the plan with 2 for and 4 abstensions.  The Parish wrote to the Ministry rejecting the idea.


Traffic Calming.  A number of questions were tabled at the AGM.  
1.  Mr Swann from the Cheverals wondered if the B557 would become a link road between the M1 and the new city.
2.  Mr Daniels stated that traffic on Church Road was too fast and dangerous.
3.  Parishioners on the opposite side of the road to the school complained of a lack of a path and requested a Zebra Crossing be installed.


New School building.  The AGM was held for the first time in the new school buildings.


Bus Shelter.  The Parish Council bought the first bus shelter for 102.7s.od (paid for by precept) which was erected outside the school gates.

War Memorial.  The war memorial was knocked down and damaged by an unknown culprit.  A house to house collection was made to raise 45 to cover costs.

Playing Field.  The need for a playing field was again raised.


Bus Shelter.  Vandalism reported at the new bus shelter.  Repairs were made and the appropriate sign.

Downs Path.  After numerous attempts to sort out the path over the downs, a letter was sent to local MP, Robert Maxwell.  He organised a band of young socialist volunteers to clear the path.

3rd London Airport

A special public meeting regarding proposals for a third London  airport at Wing was addressed by Lt Col Philip Duncombe, who stressed "that destructions would be caused to local villages and there would be appalling intrusion by noise".  The Parish Council objected in the strongest terms.


Golf Course.  Plans were put forward for a golf course on Bow Brickhill heath.  Locals were assured that all footpaths and rights of way would be maintained.  The original club house was to have been sited near the current pumping station and Mercury tower.

Garages.  Garages to be built in Greenways and Parkway.

Speed Limit.  Bucks County Council proposed that the speed limit on the village be increased from 30 to 40 but that the length of restriction would be extended to include Greenways.  The Parish Council complained that he traffic travelled too fast as it was but the increase was enforced.

Sports Club.  Bow Brickhill Sports Club established.


Bletchley - Bedford Railway Closure Proposal.  The Parish Council protested in the strongest terms against the proposed closure.

Milton Keynes Corporation.  Representatives from the newly formed MK Corporation attended the AGM for the first time.  The proposed village plan should include:
1. The provision of a playing field with an integral village hall
2. More bungalows for senior citizens
3. Provision of low cost starter homes
4. The Stoneground to be cleaned and used as a picnic area.
5. Landscaping of the village green.

Miners' Strike.  the Parish Council visited every pensioner in the Parish to check that they were coping all right.

Girl Guides.  The Guides were temporarily disbanded until 1980.

Reads canning factory at Caldecotte.

Shelton Court, Woburn Sands.  Six flats at the newly completed Shelton Court were allocated to Bow Brickhill residents.

Playing Field.  An open public meeting was called to discuss purchasing 8 acres of land at Poplar Farm, the proposal was that a limited number of houses be built on a new access road to the sports field.  The cost to the village would be 5,000, half of which would be borrowed by the Parish Council from the Public Works Loan Board.  37 in favour, 0 against with 5 abstentions.

The Bow Brickhill Playing Field Committee was established.

Bucks County Council agreed to put a footpath along Station Road on opposite side of school.


The Wheatsheaf.  The Wheatsheaf to be fully renovated.

London - Holyhead Trunk Road (A5) the diversion inquiry ref. Milton Keynes progressing.  Bow Brickhill Parish Council objected to the plans.

Plant a Tree for 73. A number of new trees were planted along the Woburn Sands Road, the village green and at the the playing fields (a little later).


New Councillors.  A Milton Keynes District Councillor attended a Parish Council meeting for the first time.

Precept: 100 Lighting, 727 General Purpose

Safety Buzzers.  Safety Buzzers installed for all OAPs living alone.

Woburn Sands Golf Club

Construction of the golf course was now under way with much local concern regarding the effect on the paths.

Pumping Station.  Anglian Water installed a pumping station at the playing field site after the purchase of a small piece of land for 150.

Playground.  Swings and a slide ordered for the new children's playground total cost 199.80.


Playing Field and Pavilion.  The new playing field and Pavilion was opened on 2nd March 1975 some 80 years after the need was first recognised.  The Parish Council held its AGM in the new Pavilion for the first time.

The Wheatsheaf.  A Portakabin pub was used while the Wheatsheaf was refurbished.


Tilbrook Farm.  Tilbrook Farm has been a constant force of complaint as the owners used it to breed and train greyhounds - which proved to be very vocal!  The problem rumbled on for years and it took the threat of an enforcement order to solve the problem.

Parish Clerk.  Audrey Odell, Parish Clerk resigned after 29 years service.

Playing Field Draining.  Draining of the Playing Field was proving a problem as indeed it still is today! The Playing Field Committee requested that the Parish Council take over running the facility.

Golf Club Traffic.  Traffic and access problems to the golf club was causing local concern.  The County Council agreed to carry out a census.

War Memorial.  Chains were removed from around the memorial and roses planted.  

Queen's Jubliee Celebrations.  A special committee was set up to plan the village celebrations.

School Clock. The Parish Council paid 1300 to have the school clock repaired to celebrate both the Queen's Jubliee and the school's centenary.  

Roadman.  The village roadman, Harold Barker, retired after 37 years.

School Centenary.  The school celebrated its centenary on 21st January 1978. (Note:  Notes from the School log similar to these are available here.)

Tuesday Club.  An afternoon club was established for the young at heart, a meeting to be held each week at the new Pavilion - one of their first trips was on the canal.

Oldest Inhabitant.  Mrs Selby-Lowndes died just a few weeks prior to her 100th birthday.

Caldecotte Lake.  Concern was expressed about the proposed lake to be developed at Caldecotte.  

The climbing frame was vandalised at the playing field resulting in the Parish Council decision to have it repaired and relocated to the village school, where it was felt to be safer.  

Street Lights.  The new lighting scheme was installed after years of debate, a number of complaints were promptly received that the lights were too bright and some shades were fitted.

Church Road.  "Unsuitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles" signs erected at either end of Church Hill.


Traffic Calming.  Another request was received for speed restrictions and a zebra crossing in Station Road after a near fatal accident to a child.  This was refused because vehicular movements were not at a sufficiently high level.

Stick em up Santa.  Village children enjoyed a Christmas party performed by 'EMMA' Professional Touring Company for just 10p each (to cover the cost of refreshments).  The Borough Council paid 15 and the Parish Council 20 covering other costs between them.

Parish Boundary. Councillors attended meetings regarding the review of Parish Boundaries.  In the case of Bow Brickhill no changes were made.

Pavilion.  The Pavilion was repainted, refloored and the car park and path resurfaced.  Bingo continued to be held on a weekly basis providing supplementary income to an average of 27 per week from lettings.

Rectory. The Old Rectory and Glebe land in Church Road was sold.


Caldecotte & Tilbrook Development.  Representatives from MK Development Corporation visited the Parish to discuss the development of Caldecotte and Tilbrook.  The village was particularly concerned about the proposed railway siding at Tilbrook.  An action committee was established and representations were made to the Department of the Environment before the plans were withdrawn.

Hospital Donations.  The Tuesday Club provided 20 hand knitted woollen shawls and knee rugs and the WI provided 3 telephone trollies all for Eaglestone Community Hospital.

Pineham Heliport.  In conjunction with neighbouring parishes, Bow Brickhill objected to the siting of a heliport at Pineham, arguing that the routing of craft over the Brickhills would be obtrusive.

Roundabout.  A proposal is received from the Council for a new roundabout to be built at the Station corner of the Bletchley - Woburn Sands road B557 and the C40 road.


Precept:  3042.00

New Pavilion Roof.  The Pavilion roof had to be repaired at a cost of 1,863.86.

Golf.  Dunlop Masters held at Woburn Golf Club for the first time.

Caldecotte Lake.  An application was received from the Secretary of State to extinguish rights of way at Caldecotte in readiness for the construction of the lake.

Royal Wedding.  The Parish Council provided each child of school age in the village with a Royal Wedding mug.

Governing Bodies.  The structure of the school governing bodies was altered such that the Parish Council could appoint one representative only (whilst the County could nominate three without consultation.)

Bank Account.  Parish Council opened a deposit account at Barclays Bank.

Playing field drainage.  The playing fields were drained with the cost being split between the Borough Council 1138 and the Parish Council 700 and the Playing Field Committee 1300.

The Village Plan.  The Parish Council were asked to contribute suggestions to the village plan.  The following points were raised and taken into consideration:

1. Traffic volume a problem both on Station Road and Church Road particularly heavy vehicles for which the hill is totally unsuitable.
2.  Only 'infill' development to be permitted.
3.  No further industrial development to be allowed.
4.  Village not to be neglected in terms of general maintenance.
5.  Church Path to be prevented from deteriorating further.
6.  The bus service is inadequate.


Preservation Society.  The possibility of establishing a Bow Brickhill Preservation Society discussed.

Station Halt.  New automatic level crossing installed.

Play Bus.  Milton Keynes play bus visits the village.

Manor Farm Development.  Fourhousees built at what is called Grovesbrook.  The old was was to be left standing.

Chairs.  The Parish Council pay 100 towards cost of 50 stacking chairs for the Pavilion.

Rubbish.  The dumping of rubbish at Red Lane a problem.


Heliport at Kingston.  The Parish Council objected in strong terms.

Fred O'Dell.  Mr Fred O'Dell resigns after 43 years service as a Parish councillor many of which he served as chairman.

Senior Citizen Bungalows.  Central heating (either electric or solid fuel) installed.

Woburn Golf Club.  The golf club applies for an extention to be used for overnight accommodation.

Playing field.  Draining still a problem. (Despite 11,00 spent).

Church Road.   A petition is presented to the Parish Council concerning the danger from traffic on Church Road.

Haynes Close.  Bank built up at Haynes Close to prevent flooding.


Grant to Playgroup.  A grant of 100 given to Playgroup who where experiencing financial difficulties after a substantial rise in rates at the Pavilion.

Village School - becomes a Grade II listed building.  Children are to transfer to High Ash Great Brickhill at the age of 8 rather than 9.

Playing Field Committee.  The Playing Field couldn't raise a full committee, each village organisation was written to asking that each would sent a representative.

Essential repairs to the Pavilion to cost 4000.

New Development.  MK Development Corporation visit Parish Council with detailed proposals of the roads, housing, schools and industry to be built at Walton, Caldecotte & Tilbrook.  Concern was expressed about the effect of inevitable additional traffic on the village.

Golf Tournaments.  Complaints are received reference closure of footpaths during the increasing number of tournaments.  The club explained that there could be a danger to walkers.  

Anglian Water to link golf club to the mains sewer - concern expressed as to whether the system could cope.  

All Saints Church.  The church celebrates its 800th anniversary with an exhibition of village history and memorabillia.

Traffic calming.  Another request submitted to reduce the speed limit or introduce a weight restriction - both requests were turned down by Bucks County Council.


Changes are made in the way parishes are funded, Precept 3855.

Gas.  The Gas Board agrees to bring a supply to the village at a cost of 350 for each house requiring the service, providing 25% take up the offer.

Parish Boundary Review.  Caldecotte and Tilbrook remain in the parish.

Station Road resurfaced.

A5 roundabout.  The Parish Council object to plans by Trust House Forte to build a hotel at the roundabout which was refused, but a replacement cafe was allowed.

Neighbourhood Watch. Following a spare of burglaries a Neighbourhood Watch scheme was established.


Caldecotte Caravan Site to be redeveloped and Reads factory to be demolished.

The clock tower is rebuilt in keeping with a listed building.

The Milk Race comes through Bow Brickhill.

Bow Brickhill School.  Falling rolls means the school is threatened with closure.  An action committee is set up and the Parish Council voices its support.  The campaign coincides with an election which helped to attract leading politicians and extra publicity.

The Pavilion is granted charitable status.


The last remaining village general store and post office closes.

A new Pavilion.  Villagers are invited to the AGM to discuss the possibility of a new Pavilion.  A suggestion is made to sell off part of the recreational area to fund the project. 

After a hard struggle the school is granted a reprieve and is to stay open.

War Memorial.  The war memorial is renovated and rededicated at the Service of Remembrance.

New Bus Shelter.  A new bus shelter is positioned outside the school but complaints are received because it is sited by the zig-zag traffic markings.

Woburn Abbey.  The Parish Council object to the proposed theme park at Woburn Abby, designed by Tussauds to attract 2.5 million visitors per annum.  Objections were also expressed regarding a golf course in Charle Wood.

Waymarks.  Bedford Estates agree to waymark all paths.

David Taylor (Borough Councillor) compiles a photographic memory of village life.

Bow Brickhill School children transfer to Walnut Tree Middle School (now called Heronsgate) instead of High Ash at Great Brickhill.

Station Road declassified from B557 to 'C' road.

New Pavilion.  Borough Council suggest a grant in the region of 200,000 may be made available.

Ten minutes to be allowed for the public to speak at Parish Council meetings.

Duke of Bedford donates a Christmas tree to be displayed on the village green.


Milton Keynes Development promises 231,000.00 for the new Pavilion.  (Note:  this was an error in the minutes - Milton Keynes Borough Council provided the funding.)

Little Brickhill by-pass gets the go ahead.

The new village stores opens.

New Pavilion.  Before a brick is laid the Borough threatens to defer the grant to a later date.  The Parish Council protest loudly as 13,750.00 had already been spent on design and planning.  Planning permission was granted in August 1991 and the building contract signed in October.

Village badly hit by a number of burglaries, car crime in the woods.  The village seats are stolen.

A questionnaire is circulated to establish if there is a need for 'low cost housing'.  Results showed that there is a need.

An extra Parish Council meeting called to study the constitution of the Playing Field Committee and make amendments as necessary in readiness for the formation of a new management committee to administer the new Pavilion and playing fields.

The County Council look at the possibility of closing Church Road and gates are positioned at either end of Church path.  

Permission refused to relocate Footpath no. 9 (from Parkway to Bow Brickhill Park).

The footpath to Woburn Sands in a poor state largely because of horse traffic.

The new Pavilion opened but suffering from some design faults.  The children's play area fenced in at a cost of 1442.52 to safeguard the children from the effects of dog fouling.


Footpaths through the woods and Stoneground.  It is noted that horses are not always using the bridleways through the 600 acres access area and that cars and motor bikes are damaging the area at the Stoneground.

De-humidifiers had to be used in the Pavilion to help compensate the condensation problems being experienced.

Mr Ken Burton.  (AGM May 1992).  Tribute was paid to Councillor Burton who sadly died earlier this year.  His efforts and contributions to the Parish Council and the village will be greatly missed.

Church Path.  Mr Lambourne of Bucks County Council was invited to discuss the present situation of the Church Path.  A complaint had been lodged regarding the gates which had been erected by the Parish Council.  It was eventually decided the path should be a By-Way which means the Bucks County Council will have to maintain it.  Horses and pedestrians and limited vehicles (funerals and weddings) would be allowed.

Seats.  Two seats were replaced, one at each end of the village and a rubbish bin for the village green and the children's play area were also purchased.

Mechanical devices were fixed to the tower windows in the Pavilion in order that they could be opened safely when a function is being held to help with condensation.

Best Kept Village.  The Parish Council entered the village into the Best Kept Village competition.  Sorry to say we did not win.

Lamp in Downs View.  The Borough Council's refuse lorry damaged a street light in Downs View.  It took several months to get it repaired.

New Councillor.  Mrs Holland (daughter of Mr Ken Holland) was co-opted onto the Parish Council.

Roads & Paths.  The roads and footpaths throughout the village are in urgent need of attention.  Clerk to write to the Highways Authority.


A survey was carried out to assess the volume of traffic through the village.  Results were sent to MK Highways Committee and Bucks County Council.

Outside Lighting.  Outside lighting was fitted to the Pavilion including security lights to try and control some of the vandalism which was a constant problem.

Local Government Review.  Parish Council were invited to put their views forward as to the proposed changes in local government.  Councillors were concerned that Bow Brickhill may lose its identity.  They proposed that the Parish boundary should be the railway line.

School Entrance.  There was concern of the danger to childrnen at the school entrance.  Governors and councillors felt a barrier should be erected outside the school so that children could not run directly onto the road.  After consultation with Bucks County Council this was put on hold.  Bucks County Council felt a barrier could provide more dangerous as motorists may not see a child behind a barrier.  The argument goes on!  (Note: a barrier was erect ten years later in 2003.)


Brickhills Charities.  Research is made as to where the correspondence and bank accounts for the charities are held after a parishioner brought up the subject at the AGM.  It was discovered that the charities are still in operation although there is verylittle money left.  The accounts are as follows:
The School Account: 149.16
The Parochial Account: 245.65p
The councillors asked if anyone knew of someone with a need to please let them know.

Anglian Water.  Problems are being experienced throughout the village with flooding and constant smells from the sewage system.  Representatives from Anglian Water were invited to a council meeting to discuss the problems.  They agreed to carry out a survey to check that the storm water was not getting into the sewage system as the flooding occurs after heavy rainfall. Due was used during the tests and followed through the system it was found not to go into the sewers.  it was discovered that several houses had storm water pipes going into the system from extensions and conservatories.  Anglian Water promised to look into this.  The Council feel that the system needs updating as since it has been installed the village has practically doubled in size plus of course the golf course with its many tourists.  Anglian Water reported that they are to renew piping under the level crossing at the bottom of the village in early 1995 which should help with the flooding of gardens in this area.  They asked that any smells be reported to them as soon as possible so they can be monitored.

Centenary.  An exhibition is to be held to celebrate the centenary of the Parish Council on December 4th 1994.


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