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Youth Club



Bow Brickhill Club  

On Tuesday October 2nd, the Bow Brickhill Club spent a very interesting afternoon with Guest Speaker, Mrs Jane Palmer from "Age Concern", learning and discussing the help provided by this service. In addition to the usual games of cards, dominoes etc, our November meeting will have the added attraction of a "Bring and Buy" sale. Time permitting Donand Betty will organise a short "Bingo" session. Tea and biscuits will be readily available and everyone is welcome to join us at the Pavilion, Rushmere Close on Tuesday November 6th 2001, commencing at 2:00pm.


Red Bins - Wednesdays Nov 7, 21 Blue Bins - Wednesdays Nov 14, 28

Mobile Library

By the War Memorial from 11 -11.15 am on the following Fridays: Nov 2, 16, 30.

Bow Brickhill School  

There is lots of activity at school at the moment. We are trying to raise money to build a library and small group area. Forthcoming events are Family Fireworks and a Christmas Bazaar. We are also turning our old swimming pool area into a wildlife garden. If you can help us find a rotavator and mini digger to borrow or you can provide help in plants or kind we would be very grateful. We are also looking for a lollipop lady to help us across the road mornings and afternoons for £5 a day. If you think you can help do contact the school. For further details of fundraising events contact Georgy Holden, Chair of Friends of the School, on 372626.

Preserve Bow Brickhill
PBB was set up following the public meeting in the village about the Borough’s local plan. This is a report on how the campaign is going. PBB supports the Local Plan (deposit version) and has continued to talk to councillors and others to try to ensure that the Plan goes forward to its next version unchanged. PBB have submitted a substantial docu-ment to David Hackforth, Chief Planner. Very many letters have been sent to him and councillors and to our local MP by parishioners and others from outside the village. 

PBB would like to thank all of those people for their support - it has made a big impact! PBB members have attended all the meetings of the Local Plan Sub-Committee (LPSC) and heard the discussions of all the items referring to Bow Brickhill. So far, the recommendations of the planners to leave the Local Plan unchanged have been endorsed by the Sub-Committee. We have been expecting the Sub-Committee to discuss the Wilkinson objection to the Local Plan for the last two meetings but this has been postponed each time. 

We apologise to those many people who came to the meetings in support of the PBB but who were disappointed. The LPSC have extended their consideration of the Local Plan and now hope to finish the discussion by the end of the year (instead of in October). The reason for the delay appears to be both the volume of objections and the late delivery of the Urban Capacity Study (UCS). The UCS is designed to see how many dwellings could be built inside the City boundaries on undeveloped or "brownfield" sites. 

The LPSC wish, quite reasonably to see this Study before considering the objections to the Expansion Areas - which include the Wilkinson objection and the Menday objection in Bow Brickhill. There is therefore no date yet fixed for the discussion of Bow Brickhill as an expansion area. As soon as a definitive date for the discussion is scheduled, PBB will let as many people as possible know about it and please will everyone make a great effort to come to the Local Planning Sub Committee Meeting in CMK at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber. We are told that the presence of a large number of parishioners is always helpful to the case!!!!!! 

Any questions ­ contact us via the web-site,, or Peter Lousada tel 01908 372186

PBB was formed by the Public to preserve Bow Brickhill and its Area from inappropriate development.


Could we again please request that all horse riders use the bridle way whenever possible or the main road and not the public footpaths throughout the Village, Thank you. 

Traffic Calming

The Parish Council would like to thank all residents for their suggestions and these have now been collated and forwarded to Milton Keynes Borough Council. 

Parking on the Verges

Could we again remind all residents not to park on the verges throughout the village as this is causing severe damage to the grass. Could residents also please refrain from parking close to the junctions leading onto Station Road, this is a hazard and causing vehicles to enter and exit the area on the wrong side of the road. 

Foopath Bow Brickhill (3) Railway Section

The Borough Council have confirmed that this section of the footpath has been closed in line with notices placed. 

Daffodil Bulbs

The Parish Council are pleased to inform all residents that they are again in the process of planting Daffodils throughout the village following the positive response of residents from last year. It is hoped that the planting will be a continuous and ongoing project. 

Date of Next Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 8th November 2001, at 7:30pm in the Pavilion, Rushmere Close. If there are matters that may need investigating prior to the meeting could these be forwarded to the Parish Clerk. Any other issue that is of a shorter nature will be resolved if possible during the meeting. 

Thank you 

The Woollison family would like to say a warm thank you to friends and neighbours for their support during Lesley’s illness, the funeral and at this time. 

Bow Brickhill First School Welcome you to join in their Family Fireworks Night Saturday November 3rd 6pm Barbeque, hot soup, mulled wine and a quiet area for little ones. Adults £3 Children £1 Family Ticket in advance £5 call Georgy on 372626.

Many thanks Jackie Peacock would like to thank her dear friend Angela Wood for looking after her highly strung dog with patience and love whilst she moved during the summer.

Services November 2001 Bow Brickhill - All Saints

4th November: 11am Family Service,  11th November: 3pm Rememberance at the War Memorial, 18th November: 11am Matins,  25th November: 8am Holy Communion 

Letter from the Rector

Dear Friends, 

Someone once said, "The scriptures should be a mirror which we hold up in order to examine our own con-sciences, rather than a window through which we regard the failings of others." 

I think that the point that they were making was that it is very easy to make ourselves feel better about ourselves if we can point to the wrongdoing of other people, and what better way to support our feeling of superiority, than to back it up with the Bible! The problem with any book and particularly one as long and complex as the Bible is that we take into it as much as we take out of it. 

What do I mean by that? I mean that we all have prejudices - views of what ought to be. These views come from our childhood, the things that have affected us on life’s journey, our own guilt and shame. Armed with all this, we look in the Bible and find our views confirmed by what is in there. The Bible reflects many centuries of understanding as well as different authors and different situations. The way that a tribe in the desert, over 3000 years ago, viewed its women may or may not have been appropriate then - it is less likely to be appropriate now in our society. 

Indeed, within the Bible we see a change and development in understanding. Using that example of women again, we see a change from a document that accepts polygamy as the norm -Abraham, Jacob, Solomon - to one in which polygamy is not accepted -John the Baptist speaking to Herod, Paul and Jesus. In other words, as understanding changes, it is often possible to find support for our own views - whatever those views are - if we look hard enough. 

Hence what I said in the first paragraph. Rather than look at what is wrong in others, it is far better to begin by asking, "What is the Bible saying to me about my life." What is the overall picture that it paints of God’s relationship to humanity?" How can I live more nearly to the way that Jesus showed?" 

With every good wish, 
Stephen J. Toze 

Just in case anyone has not heard! I will be leaving after Christmas to take up an appointment in Bedfordshire. 

Sunday School 

Will meet as always on the last Sunday of the month which is November 25. The children enjoy an action packed hour and still have time for refreshments. We usually prepare something to do at the family service on the first Sunday of the month (Nov. 4th, Family Gift Service). Do come along, 11am in the Church Hall. Children under 3 need to bring a parent! 

Fellowship Group 

This group continues to meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 8pm in the Church Hall. Anyone who would like to join us for an informal cup of coffee and a chat is very, very, welcome. 

Norman Causer 

Since 1985, Norman Causer has edited our Newsletter - a service to both the Church and the village. This task has been carried out smoothly and conscientiously, with care and wisdom. It is often difficult to decide what to include in a Newsletter without it becoming a tool for a pressure group on the one hand or so bland as to be not worth reading on the other. Norman has kept our Newsletter lively and informative, dealing patiently with those whose contributions are late as well as limiting the verbose. I am glad to take this opportunity to thank him for all that he has done. S.T.

Youth on Show

Our doors have opened once again after another long, hot summer. Our last production ' A Good Knight's Work' has received a favourable critique from the local National Operatic and Dramatic Association representative. The author George Middleton who travelled all the way from Norfolk to watch our adaptation of his play (Filling us with some trepidation!!) was also suitably impressed! So once again congratulations to everybody who was involved. 

Rehearsals have now commenced for our 2002 production 'A Ghost of a Smile', again written by George Middleton. This is a story about a group of ghosts residing happily in an old deserted manor, until the living move back in!!!! Sadly Emily Malleson is no longer able to be our Musical Director and we are therefore searching for some-body to fullfill this role. This would ideally involve somebody rehearsing with the cast and playing live at each of the 3 performances. However we would be happy to settle for somebody who could lay down the music on tapes for us. There are only 5 or 6 songs to be learnt. We are going to need lots of ghost costumes so if anybody has any white or light coloured sheets or material we would be delighted to take it off your hands. The Church Bazaar Committee has invited us to entertain the crowds taking afternoon tea at the bazaar on the 17 th November. Our kids never turn down the chance to perform so we have accepted the invitation with great pleasure!

Finally, our apologies to anyone who was in the vicinity of the Pavilion on October 30 th and was disturbed by some strange ‘goings on’..... it was only Youth on Show enjoying a Halloween Party. For further information please contact Heather, home 661389, mobile 07940 435033 or Mary, 647003 or email 

Village Events - Harvest 

Over 30 people enjoyed an evening of fun and fellowship at the Harvest Supper. Thank you to all who attended and to Rosemary Clark and Georgy Holden for organising the food and entertainment. The Harvest Auction at the Wheatsheaf proved again to be a very successful and enjoyable evening and although not so many people were present, Mick Parker - in his 21st year as auctioneer at this event -still managed to raise the amazing sum of £365 for church funds. Many thanks go once again to him, to John Payne for organising the raffle, to Pauline and Terry for their hospitality, to all who gave produce and especially to those who attended and bought it all back!

Forward Planning for All Keen Gardeners

We are hoping to hold the Bow Brickhill Gardens Open Weekend on June 16/17 next year which gives you plenty of time to plan your summer display! 

Autumn Bazaar 

The Bazaar will be held in the Pavilion on Saturday 17th November from 2.00 - 4.00 pm. Contributions to the following stalls would be very much appreciated - please contact the appropriate stallholders. Items for the Tombola will be collected by the Brownies on Wednesday 7th and 14th November. If you have any contributions towards the raffle Mike Parker will be happy to collect - please contact him as below. 
Tombola Sally Robinson, 60 Station Rd. Tel: 374852 
Raffle Mike Parker, 20 The Nortons, Caldecotte, Tel: 649223 Bric-a-brac Wendy Mills, 52 Station Rd, Tel: 374745 
Jigsaw Puzzles Joan Varney, 11 Station Rd, Tel: 370407 
Cakes May Butcher, 25 Station Rd, Tel: 642555 
Plants Stuart Leeming, Driveside, Tel: 372032 
Home-made Jenny Woods, Sweets 48 Normandy Way, Bletchley. Tel : 366124 
Christmas Decorations, Sandra Paulger, 3 London End Lane, Tel : 378849 
Books Annie Enever, 21 Greenways, Tel: 374855 

Other stalls will include village cards and tea towels, games and teas and we will have a guest appearance from Youth on Show. Entrance is 20p and all are welcome. 

Church Rotas

Nov 4th Mrs D. Waldron, Nov 11th Mr S Leeming, Nov 18th Miss J West and Mr N Causer, Nov 25th Mr A Wilkins and Mr J Wales.

Mrs S Lloyd, Mrs S Giles

Mrs D Kesterton, Mrs B Morris

  Copy deadline We welcome your news for the next edition. Please deliver contributions by Nov. 19th to: Tim Holden,31 Greenways, Bow Brickhill, tel 372626 or email timholden@ntlworld

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