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from Australia has spent years tracing the life of Henry Mundy born in Bow Brickhill in 1831.  In November 2003 Les. published the Henry's memoirs in the book 'Henry Mundy - A Young Australian Pioneer ' - click here for further details.
Les. would be most interested to hear from anyone with further information on Henry, or any of his direct descendents.   Contact Les at .

Pictures of the Mundy/Munday family - from Australia and from England

See the Henry Mundy Society for further information about the family in both the UK and Australia.

Scroll down for  Munday family researchers:

Chris Pattison from Litchfield, UK,  writes of his Munday connection:

I was so pleased to find your site is because I'm also a Munday descendant, Henry (of the diary fame) Munday's great grandfather, William Monday (1758 - 1836) of Bow Brickhill, was also my 5 x great grandfather. I've visited your village on several occasions, I've found some ancestral graves in All Saints churchyard and I visited Reverend Harries to look through the parish registers. My last ancestor to be brought up in Bow Brickhill (although he was born in Luton) was my great grandfather Albert James Munday son of David Munday and Catherine nee Holton. He was a brother of George William Munday who kept the village shop. Another David Munday was the Publican at the Wheatsheaf in the mid nineteenth century. I already have a copy of Henry Mundy's diary, it came to me via Syd Hill in Australia who is descended from Henry's sister. He got his copy from Alf Mundy a great grandson of Henry.

The colourful tale of Chris's great great great grandfather William Munday, who was born in the neighbouring village of Simpson in 1813, concerns Australia and some silver spoons ... you can read more here.

You can contact Chris at 

Syd Hill is part of the Australian side of the family:

My connection to the Munday family is through George Munday born 1805 in Fenny Stratford.  George is my great great grandfather on my father's side and he married Mary Matthews in Bow Brickhill in 1830.  They had two children, Henry born 1831 and John born 1835.  In 1844 they migrated to Australia where a daughter was born, Jane,in 1846.  This was my great grandmother.

There are many Munday descendants here in Australia some of whom have pursued the study of the family and their origins in Bow Brickhill.  It is now my hope that I may be able to trace them further, i.e.prior to their appearance in Bow Brickhill prior to 1743. 

Contact Syd at .

Myrtle Rands (nee Munday) was born in the UK and emigrated to Australia

My name is Myrtle Rands (nee Munday) and I have only recently started to compile my family history.  My two sisters and I emigrated with our families, to Australia about 35 years ago.

I am a descendant of David Munday, who married Catherine Horton in September, 1856, and later married Mary Jane King.  David Munday was my grandfather and Mary Jane King was my grandmother.  They had six sons, and my father was the youngest.  I know a lot about my uncles and their families as three of them lived in Wembley, where I was born, and we were in close contact with them.  One dies in infancy and the other just before I was born.

I have a photograph of David Munday and Mary Jane King and four of the sons (including my father).  In fact I have several photos of this family.  I briefly met one of dad's sisters, Sarah, when she was a very old lady and another Munday called Polly.  I know a fair bit about this particular branch of the family from my father (e.g. occupations, addresses, marriages of the children etc.).

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