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Youth Club

MAY 2001

All Saints Graveyard

In order to optimise the available space remaining in the graveyard the areas has been cleared of all rubbish.  It is intended to make available a container for the disposal of green compostable material only.  We would kindly ask people who tidy family graves to take away non-degradable items such as plastic, oasis, wire, glass and paper.  In the meantime, while a suitable container is sought, we would be grateful if all maintenance arisings could be removed from the area.

Sunday School

This month we will be looking at Pentecost - the coming of the Holy Spirit on Sunday 27 May from 11 - 12.00 pm in the Church Hall.  All are welcome - children under three, please bring a parent with you!

Race Night

On Saturday 26 May there will be a Race Night at The Wheatsheaf in aid of church funds.  This will be at 8 pm with the racing starting soon afterwards, so do come along for what promises to be an entertaining evening and help raise funds in the process.

Fellowship Group

Would you like the opportunity of exploring how you can apply the Christian faith to your daily life?  Now that the lighter evenings are here, come and join us at the Church Hall from 8 pm - 9.30 pm on Wednesday 2 May and Wednesday 18 may.  further details from Rosemary Clarke Tel 01908 370811.

Date for your Diary

Ploughman's lunch at Driveside on Sunday 24 June.  Further details in next month's newsletter.

Training Opportunities

Would you like to learn more about the Old Testament?  Do you think you have the potential to lead worship?  Are you wondering how you could use your talents within the church?  Do you fancy a trip to Taizé?  Or perhaps you'd like to learn more about prayer.  Details of ways to answer all these questions in the Summer Term Cottesoe Prospectus available at the back of the church.

The Bow Brickhill Club - April Meeting

The club met on Tuesday 3 April in the Pavilion and for the first time in our eighteen months of existence we were entertained by two guest speakers.  Our first speaker, Mr Alan Preen, gave details of his forthcoming charity walk in the Himalayas.  Alan described the difficulties to be encountered and explained the reason for the varied clothing and equipment needed, demonstrating with items he had brought to the meeting.  We found this very interesting and look forward to seeing Alan on his return, when he will bring photographs and tell us about his adventures on and around Mt Everest.  After his talk members gave a donation to the charity, Mencap.

After tea, it was the turn of our next speaker, Mr Norman Seamark, a shepherd and sheep-dog trainer from Wilstead in Bedfordshire.  The first half of his talk concerned the method of training his dogs and teaching them to obey commands.  This was followed by the description and explanation of the making of the many crooks he had brought to demonstrate.  Norman punctuated his talk with a number of amusing anecdotes and I am sure our members will never forget the reading of a letter explaining why one should be very careful when choosing a name for a dog!  

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 1 May at 2 pm in the Pavilion, when Maxine and the girls will be there to update us on the Old Bow Brickhill project.  We shall also be expecting some ideas for an afternoon outing later in the summer.

Bow Brickhill Show

Bow Brickhill Show will be held at The Pavilion on Sunday 15 July 200.  Events you need to prepare for NOW:

  • Children's Fancy Dress Competition - theme Disney Characters

  • Talent Competition

  • Produce and Craft Show
    Children's Section:  Food (I Made This - anything edible), Plants & Flower (A Jam Jar of Flowers), Crafts (A Picture, I Made This - model in any medium), My Favourite Things (a collection of five treasures)
    Adults' Section: Food (A Victoria Sponge, A Pot of Jam, jelly or Marmalade, A Pot of Pickle or Chutney, Five Vegetables - 5 of the same or all different), Plants and Flowers (A Flower Arrangement - theme Yellow, Give Blooms, My Favourite Plant), Crafts (A Hand Knitted Article, A Sewn Article, A Piece of Embroidery, A Picture, A Model or Sculpture.)

  • Traditional Sports Day

Other Attractions:

Bow Brickhill Scaleletric Grand Prix, Glamorous Grandma Competition,Knobbly Knee Competition, Country Dancing, Bow Brickhill, Past Present and Future Exhibition, Children's Fairground Rides, Raffle,Tombola,Side Shows, Licensed bar, Tea Room, Barbecue, Pancakes,Ice Cream

Preserve Bow Brickhill

PBB has now been set up with the following committee:  Peter Lousada (Chairman), Sandy Paulger, Keith Dimmock, Joanne Mears, Sue Willis, Val Wright, Mary Preen, Georgy Holden, Jacky Jeffreys, Odette Holland, Mike Axon, Liz Drabble, Anthony Ripper, Diana Kesterton, Andrea Willinger, Pat Wicker and Sue Malleson. 

The agreed mission of PBB is:

'To defend the parish of Bow Brickhill from inappropriate or unwelcome development of all sorts and especially from the current objection  to the Local Plan’

 Statement of Case

1.  The Village has supported the Milton Keynes Local Plan (Deposit Version) and continues to do so.

2.  The Local Plan (Deposit Version) has been prepared with great thoroughness and  consultation to accommodate the development needs of the City for the next 10 years.

3. The Local Plan does not see the need for development of the area around Bow Brickhill in that period (though the Village would very much wish to have some restriction on the growth and behaviour of traffic through it).

4. The current Objection to the Local Plan has been tabled by some promoters who do not live in the village (nor indeed, in the City).

5. The promoters have obtained support from some landowners with promises of reportedly £1 million per acre for their land.  No discussion with other residents or the Parish Council had taken place prior to the Meeting described below.

6. The Village does not believe that such opportunist adventuring should be allowed to destroy their village - the envy of many in Milton Keynes.

7.  A show of hands at the public meeting on 7th. March 2001, showed about 200 against the objection and 3 in favour.  Only a very small number of people in the village thus support the objection and most of these stand to gain financially from it.

8. Any development in the village or its surrounds would affect Woburn Sands severely unless adequate provision were made for new roads, schools and other services.   Woburn Sands as a community centre would be adversely affected.

9. The area to which the objection relates is bounded to the North by the Bletchley-Bedford railway which may be up-graded to carry faster and more traffic.  Housing which bounds the railway to the North is already subject to compensation claims if this should occur.

10.An East-West Canal link is also proposed which would probably follow the railway line on the land to which the objection relates.

11.The Objection to the Local Plan requires destruction of some existing houses and residents are already suffering in consequence.  

We shall soon be contacting you to ask you to write a letter to Milton Keynes Council in support of the Local Plan.  Every letter counts and this first action in our campaign will be very important.  Please look out for the leaflet which will soon be coming through your door.  In the meantime contact details for PBB are: Peter Lousada – Chairman, 33 Station Road, Bow Brickhill, Tel 372186 (home) 366812 (office); Sue Willis – Secretary, 35 Church Road,Bow Brickhill, Tel 371408.

Youth on Show

The 2001 Youth on Show production of 'A Good Knights Work' will be performed at the Jennie Lee Theatre, Bletchley Leisure Centre on Thursday 28 June, Friday 29 June and Saturday 30 June at 7.30 pm.  Tickets, which as usual will be modestly priced, will be available shortly.  Please do come and support our local children who have been working very hard over the past few months.

Regrettably, we have been the victim of vandalism.  We store all our costumes and propos in a metal shed in the back yard at the Pavilion. Mindless vandals have completely bent the doors to gain access, the only item taken being a bottle of pop!  We have been forced to spend £38 on replacement doors, money we would have spent on better costumes, props or scenery.  We know vandalism is a problem at the Pavilion and urge anybody ever in the vicinity who witnesses an incident to contact the police.

Bedford Morris Men

The Bedford Morris Men will be visiting the village again this year on Wednesday 27 June at 8 pm, bringing traditional English dances for you to see outside The Wheatsheaf public house: a date for your diary.

Parish Council - AGM 

Thursday 10 May 2001, 7.30 pm at The Pavilion.

Pavilion Lighting 

Installation of four street lamps to the Pavilion car park has now been completed.


Vandals smashed several panes of glass to the Pavilion on the evening of Saturday 24 March.,  Also they have broken into sheds in the back yard.  We ask all residents to be vigilant.

Spring Bulbs

The Parish Council has received many positive comments regarding the spring bulbs planted through the village, and hopes to continue more planting this autumn.

From the Parish Council

On the occasion of Brenda Toombs' retirement as Parish Clerk, the Parish Council wishes to record its appreciation of the work Brenda has done for the village for nearly ten years.  As Parish Clerk, Brenda brought dedication and expertise to her office, as Borough and County Councillors will testify.  Her contribution to the community has been exceptional and the Parish Council extends its grateful thanks and best wishes to her.

Mobile Library

The mobile library will be in the village by the War Memorial on Friday 4 May and Friday 18 May from 11 - 11.15 am.

Recycling Calendar for April

Blue weeks: Wednesdays 2 and 16 May, Thursday 31 May
Red weeks: Thursday 10 and Wednesday 23 May

Events at the Wheatsheaf

Bank Holiday Saturday 5 May - Karaoke until midnight
Saturday 12 May - Jan's Karaoke
NB No Roasties on Sunday 13 and 20 May

Buy if from Bow Brickhill

There are many people in the village who work from home or run their businesses from Bow Brickhill.  From hedge-laying to portable electrical appliance testing (and that's just one person!), we have a wealth of expertise right here.  If you would like to promote your business through the web site FREE OF CHARGE please let me have a brief description, around 20 words, and the contact details.  Sue Malleson tel 372376, fax 3677272, email

Contributions for the May issue of this newsletter to Norman Causer, 14 Downs View, Bow Brickhill , tel 01908 872884, by Friday 18 May please.  

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