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I George Kent of Bow Brickhill in the County of Buckinghamshire Laborer do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:  I believe I am now about 65 years of age and that I was born at Bow Brickhill aforesaid where I have lived all my life.  I am the absolute owner of a freehold Dwelling House garden and orchard situate near the Green and Parish Pound in Bow Brickhill containing rather less than half an acre.  

The greater part of it formerly belonged to my grandfather William Kent of Bow Brickhill a Tailor who died at Bow Brickhill upwards of Sixty years ago.  I believe he left a will by which he left all his property to his wife Charlotte Kent for her life and then to all his children equally.  He left seven children namely John Kent his eldest son who was my father (and he married my late mother Mary Nicholls), Joseph Kent, Robert Kent, Ann Kent (who married William Parrott), Mary Kent and Charlotte Kent.  

When my grandfather William Kent died the property consisted of three Cottages with the gardens and Orchard and his widow my grandmother Charlotte Kent took possession of it.  A few years after my grandfatherís death my grandmother and her seven children above named sold part of the garden with a right of way to it to Hugh Jackson Esq of Wisbeach in Cambridgeshire the father of the late Revd Joseph Marshall Jackson the Rector of Bow Brickhill on which he built the Stables (burnt down in the 1930s) and Cowhouse now belonging to Miss Julia Jackson.  My grandmother kept the remainder of the property till her death which took place upwards of 40 years ago.  My grandmother lived in one Cottage  with her son Joseph Kent.  She let one Cottage to a man named Whitney and my father John Kent lived in the other.  He died in April about 36 years ago without a will and my mother died in August in the same year.  

I was then living in one of the Cottages and I remember the date of my father and motherís death as the late Colonel Delap had his sale.  My brother John had lived with my father but left for London the year our father and mother died.  I was my fatherís eldest son and heir and I then took possession of the whole property (except a Cottage and garden where my uncle Joseph Kent lived).  He died in it about twenty years ago and his daughter Isabella to whom he left it by will kept possession of it.  She sold it to William Hartwell about eighteen years ago and went to America.  With respect to my fatherís other brothers and sisters Abraham died about forty years ago in London leaving some children Robert died about twenty years ago leaving some children Ann married William Parrott and died upwards of thirty years ago leaving children.  

Mary and Charlotte died upwards of forty years ago unmarried.  None of my grandfatherís children except Joseph Kent have ever made any claim to any part of the property.  They all met and they said that so long as my uncle Joseph and my father were satisfied to keep the property none of them wanted it.  The Cottage in which I lived was burnt down about seventeen years ago.  William Hartwell who had bought of Isabella Kent her father Josephís Cottage pulled it down and about seventeen years ago I gave him six pounds for the site of the old Cottage and he kept part of the garden on which he built a new Cottage where he now lives.  

About seventeen years ago after I had settled with William Hartwell I built the House in which I lately lived and which with the garden and orchard I have sold to Miss Julian Jackson (now Cheverals, 4 Woburn Sands Road).  My new house stands on a piece of land my father enclosed from the waste when I was about six years old.  I saw him do it  (now Hopi Lodge, 2 Woburn Sands Road)  I have held the whole of the property which I have sold to Miss Julia Jackson for upwards of thirty six years and the small piece of garden I bought of William Hartwell I have held for upwards of seventeen years.  I have held the whole as my own absolute freehold property during those periods without paying rent to any one or acknowledging any other person to have any right to it.  And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835.

Declared at Leighton Bussard    
in the County of Bedford this      )        The Mark of   X   George Kent
16th day of June 1896 the same  )

having been previously read        )
over to the said George Kent       )
who properly understood the       )
same.   Before me

            Henry Pettit

 A Commissioner to administer oaths


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