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Youth Club


The Society was formed in October 2009 and meets more or less monthly. Members and non-members are very welcome. For more information or for copies of publications, please email   

Church Graveyard Project
A History Society team has documented the graveyards at All Saints including photographs of all headstones and memorials, transcriptions of  the inscriptions - where this is possible - and maps of the entire area, enabling  people easily to locate their relatives' graves. The project is contained in an Excel database with associated Word files and jpg photos. It can easily be searched and the information will be updated from time to time. Copies are available on an 8GB memory stick at a cost of £9.

Village Walk

An illustrated leaflet detailing a walk round the village has been produced by the History Society. 

Memories of a Bow Brickhill Boy

A vivid picture of village life is recounted in ‘Memories of a Bow Brickhill Boy’, the latest publication from Bow Brickhill History Society.

Compiled by resident Pauline Hall from discussions with her late father John Morris, this small booklet describes people and places, churches and chapels, farms and football during the period 1914 – 1938.

Surnames mentioned: Bailey, Barnby, Barnes, Beanie, Blythe, Burton, Careless, Chamberlain, Clarke, De Lap, Dickens,  Foulkes, Frost, Garrett, Gibbs, Henley, Hunton, Jackson, Lockwood, Morris, Munday, Nicholson, O’Dell, Randall, Ross, Saunders, Selby-Lowndes, Smith, Thickpenny, Tuffrey, Wadsworth, Waite, West, Witherson

Copies can be obtained for £1.50 - including postage and packing from 

Order with 'Bow Brickhill during the Great War' for a discounted price of £5.17 inc p&p.

Bow Brickhill during the Great War


This 52-page booklet contains transcriptions relating to the Great War - WWI - from newspaper coverage in the North Bucks Times,  the Parish Council Minutes and the School Log Book.

Surnames mentioned:  Allenby, Aspinwall, Atterbury, Badcock, Bailey, Barden, Barker, Barnby,,Barmby, Barratt, Bazley, Beaney, Benbow,  Bennitt, Berwick, Blythe, Bocock, Bodley, Bolton, Bowler, Brace, Bramley, Brandom, Brown, Bunce, Burton, Bushell, Busler, Callaway, Capp, Careless, Carlile, Catell, Chamberlain, Chapell, Charles, Claridge, Clarke, Clements, Clinch, Coleman, Coleman, Colgrave, Collins, Cook, Crawley, Cripps, Dabs, Daniel, Day, Devereux, Deyns,,Deyne, Dibben, Dickens,,Dickins, Dickinson, Dickson, Dimmock, Duncombe, Eames, Edming,Farmborough,  Foolkes,,Folkes,,Foulkes, Fortescue, Frampton, France, Francis, Frost, Garratt, Garrett, Gater, Gates, Gibbs, Grant, Green, Griffin, Hallam,,Hallum, Hart, Hartwell, Harwick, Hedges, Heley,  Henley , Henman, Hind, Holden, Holdom, Hort, Huckle, Humphrey, Jackson, Jervis, Johnson, Jones, Jordan,  Kelland, Kilvington, Knight, Lake, Lawton, Lovell, Lovett, Manning, Marsh, Martin, Maslin, McFarlane, Mead, Millard, Mills, Morris, Munday, Newman, Norman, North, Northwood, Odell,,O’Dell, Oldham, Olney, Paternoster, Pollard, Poulsom, Poulsum, Poulson,  Pringle, Proudfoot, Pryke, Rees, Richardson, Ross, Rowland, Saddler, Saunders, Savage, Shardlow, Sharrock, Shephard,,Shepherd, Smith, Spurgeon, Stevens, Stone, Stritton, Sykes, Sylvester, Symons, Tanner, Tansley, Thomson, Tomlin, Tuffrey, Underwood, Wadell, Wadsworth Waite, Walker, Walker , Wallinger, Warr, Watson, West, Whitaker,,Whittaker, Williams, Willison, Wilmurt, Wilson, Woods, Woodward, Yates, Young

Copies can be obtained for £3.75 - including postage and packing - from 

In 2010 the History Society resurrected the traditional Bow Brickhill Feast which is now held on the Saturday nearest the original date of the event - 13th November.

You can read about some of Bow Brickhill's rich history here.



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