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To add your contribution to this guestbook please email Sue Malleson with your message.   Remember to provide a name and your location and particularly any relationship with the village that you may have, eg. if you used to live here or your relatives did, or maybe you visited when you were a child.  I will then add your message to this list.  (The automatic guestbook has had to be discontinued due to the amount of spam it attracted.)

Name: Mike Rooney
Country:  USA Date: Sun 11/04/2010 06:34 PM
Message: This email is from Mike Rooney, son-in-law of Marie & Bill Searles, former residents of Bow Brickhill (circa 1973-2002).  I was stationed at RAF Chicksands and married their daughter, Jane.  I spent many an hour visiting with Marie & Bill who lived at 17 Greenways. I thoroughly enjoyed each visit with Bill & Marie especially when Bill & I visited the nearby pub! I still keep in contact with Marie (Bill passed away a few years ago).  Each time we talk or meet, so many fond memories come back to me.  The years I spent in England (with the Searles family) are without a doubt some of the best and fun years of my life! Hopefully one day I can return to Bow Brickhill and see what it has become.  Am sure it will still have its small-town feeling and super friendly people. Ta............mike rooney

Name: James Parmenter
Country: UK Date: Tue 07/08/2007 04:06 PM
Message: Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your website, It brought back many memories of growing up in Bow Brickhill. Keep up the good work.

Name: Geoff Stiddig
Country: UK Date: Mon July 16 09:17 2007
Message: Hello Sue, my name is Geoffrey Stiddig and I live In Bicester, Oxfordshire. In searching my family history I find that my Great -aunt Emily Stiddig lived at 'The Yews' 46 Station Road . I recall that I did visit with my father in the mid 1960's. She moved to Shrewsbury where she passed away in 1966.I believe that the cottage featured on many postcards of the 1950's & 60's but I have not yet found any. I am pleased to have found the painting on your site which brings back memories. Also more recent photos taken in 2002. Many thanks for your excellent site.

Name: tim
Country: uk Date: Tue Feb 21 23:15:09 2006
Message: just a quick message to say thank you as if it was not for this web site (which is very good) i would have made a BIG mistake in buying one of the plots ..... and spoiling what looks to be a lovely little village much like the one i live in.

Name: Jane
Country: Scotland Date: Fri Jan 13 23:46:35 2006
Message: Wonderful site to find, brings back a lot of happy childhood holiday memories, visiting my great Aunt Maggie, who was Miss Farnsworth in the school pic of 1952. She lived in the cottage by the shop at the bottom of the hill - with an outside loo and a tin bath in front of the fire to wash! I still have the clock she was presented with on her retirement from the school in 1955 on my mantlepiece.

Name: Diane Sambrook
Country: England Date: Sun Dec 4 13:25:08 2005
Message: Hi,

I did sign the guest book a couple of years, but my entry went wrong!

My link with Bow Brickhill is through my ancestors. Mainly the Kent and Leach families, but also Gadsden, Woodward and Sinfield.

I visited Bow Brickhill a few years ago - a lovely place.


Name: Paul Battams
Country: Date: Mon Nov 7 16:50:15 2005
Message: Does anyone know how Battams close got its name ?

Name: Heather O\\\\\\\'Shea
Country: Date: Fri Aug 5 15:10:38 2005
Message: Hi Sue,
Just looking at this site brings back some of my most treasured memories. I 'm really sorry to see Youth on Show has come to an end, it was a major part of my life for many years.
The site looks great, congratulations!
Best Regards to all,

Name: Rosalie
Country: CA, USA Date: Sat Jul 16 18:45:06 2005
Message: Hi Sue & Andy! This is a great website!! Thank you! I love it! We have such wonderful memories of living in Bow Brickhill (April Cottage). We miss the UK and all the incredible people we met! Hope everyone is well.

All the best!
Rosalie & Kevin Enget

Name: sally
Country: england Date: Fri Jul 8 20:10:32 2005
Message: jst wondering if there are any pings about..

Name: John Spencer
Country: UK Date: Thu Jul 7 08:21:04 2005
Message: As former resident of Aspley Guise, I have fond memories of cycling through Bow Brickhill in the 1950s/60s to go trainspotting at Bletchley, then in 1967 I worked at Bletchley station where I was trained by Ron Varney (of BB) in the booking office.

Name: Dave and Jackie Woolcock
Country: France Date: Wed Jul 6 18:25:04 2005
Message: We have the Carter family visiting us here in France, and they have shown us the wonderful web site that you have created giving so much information and fond memories of a village that still remains very close to my heart.
I shall be gleaning this site with great interest in the coming days to catch up on the changes that have taken place since I left 4 Church road a lifetime ago.
Thank you Sue.......

Country: Togo Date: Mon May 9 17:25:57 2005
Message: It's been nice coming across this wonderful site.You guys are doing a good job here.keep it up.

Name: Jane McInerney
Country: UK- Nottingham Date: Tue May 3 06:05:07 2005
Message: My Sunday name is Susan Jane Pateman McInerney and I'm researching Patemans starting with Grandmother Minnie Pateman of Houghton Regis. Luck was how I chanced upon you. Patemans have married twice into the village Mary Ann to Alfred Barden and Thomas to a Esther Agnes Clarke Q Jun 1860 NP 3a 605, born Bow Brickhill.

Name: Dave Gilbert
Country: South Africa Date: Fri Apr 15 14:26:08 2005
Message: went to school at leon in bletcley,72-76.knew a girl Sally Walduck from Bow Brickhill,like to make contact if still in the area.Or anyone else who remembers me,Please e-mail

Name: Philip Morris
Country: England Date: Tue Jan 18 20:40:21 2005
Message: Haven 't checked the Guestbook for a while. Good to see it is being well. A happy 2005 to all my very distant relatives who share common ancestry with Mundays and Lanes

Name: Simon Brickhill
Country: uk Date: Sat Jan 8 02:52:50 2005
Message: Does anyone know of the last time a Brickhill lived in the Brickhills? There are only a handful of us in the UK, but we seem to breed well in Australia (where other brickhillians seem to have gone) and southern africa. Not that that has any relevance!

Name: Paul Battams
Country: England Date: Thu Nov 4 17:24:03 2004
Message: Can anyone tell me how Battams close came by its name.

Name: Teresa
Country: England Date: Tue Sep 28 20:47:58 2004
Message: I am researching my family history of the Stone family who moved to Bow Brickhill in the late 1800@s from Heath & Reach. Charles Stone had sons Eustace, Frederick and Thomas. Are there any Stones who still live in the village

Name: Bob Mundy (Web Address)
Country: AUSTRALIA Date: Wed Sep 22 06:07:32 2004
Message: For those who are interested, today is an important day for descendants of the George & Mary & Henry & John Mundy. It is 160 years ago today since they arrived at Williamstown in Victoria.... Aren't we who are descendants in OZ, just so lucky! What foresight & courage......

Name: Alison Kenward
Country: UK Date: Tue Sep 21 12:33:07 2004
Message: Just moved to Bow Brickhill!

Name: Leslie Cook
Country: UK Date: Fri Sep 3 18:56:33 2004
Message: I have found your site of great interest. My great, great grandparents came from Bow Brickhill. Their name was Kent.

Name: Jenny Robinson
Country: UK Date: Fri Aug 13 15:46:33 2004
Message: I was interested because of happy memories walking in the woods. Grampy was Little Brickhill postmaster, Herbert Parrott.

Name: Joyce
Country: Date: Sat Jul 24 18:05:35 2004
Message: My husbands family orginated in Hinton Northampton have you any connections.We live in MK

Name: Melissa Munday
Country: U.S.A Date: Thu Jul 8 16:15:44 2004
Message: I am Melissa Munday born 5/8/1977.I am not sure about if my ancistors are from Bow Brickhill but my father was William A. Munday the third and My brother is Willliam A. Munday the fourth.

Name: Tricia Hilder
Country: Australia Date: Mon Jun 14 00:15:32 2004
Message: I found the web address in Ancestors magazine. My ancestor William Judkins was born in Little Brickhill at the end of the eighteenth century. One day I hope to visit the area. I have added the "Plough House" to my favourites list so that I can find it again.

Name: donald hindley
Country: england Date: Wed Apr 21 19:19:10 2004
Message: hello i was in the village in 1941 , my step father was in the army in the village i lived in a house half way up the hill facing the fields [called the wicks by the local's]
best regard's d hindley

Name: Glenda Davey
Country: England Date: Sun Mar 28 15:04:20 2004
Message: Enjoyed reading the messages, my partner is the great grandson of Henry Munday and Sarah Clarke,Henry's mother was Mary Munday daughter of John Munday and Susannah White.Is there any more info out there?.

Name: David Day
Country: England Date: Sun Feb 8 23:25:20 2004
Message: My Great Grandparents Joel and Sarah Day are listed in the 1861 census as living at Cherry Orchard, Great Brickhill. Does anybody know if this still exists, or where it was/is?

Name: Margaret Atterbury
Country: England Date: Fri Jan 30 09:10:37 2004
Message: My husband's ancestor, Thomas Atterbury, an agricultutal labourer lived in Bow Brickhill, with his wife Sarah (nee Bamford) in the mid 18th Centary. They had five children only one of whom, George, survived infantcy. George moved to West Bromwich in the midlands, where some of his decendants live to this day. We are very keen to discover more about about Thomas particularly, but also about Sarah who remarried after his death. Are their any records of his birth, parents or employer?

Name: Peter Barratt
Country: England Date: Sat Jan 24 14:47:54 2004
Message: I was born in ;The Cottage In The Woods:in november 1929.Father was a Gamekeeper for the Woburn Estate,I went to school in the village and we left in 1935, if you would like more information I will be pleased to reply.
Peter Barratt

Name: Peter saunders (Web Address)
Country: sweden Date: Fri Jan 9 21:30:27 2004
Message: Visted Uk 2 years ago, buisness reasons. Went in the woods and saw a strange cat, very big and very black. I advise walkers to be on there guard.

Name: Philip Morris
Country: England Date: Tue Jan 6 18:11:55 2004
Message: Whoops! in correcting error on last message, made one myself - should have said 16 Nov 1755 was Elizabeth Allens's marriage date, not bapt date. Apologies. Phil

Name: Philip Morris
Country: England. Date: Sun Jan 4 16:26:10 2004
Message: As a 5 x g/gr 'son of William Monday/Elizabeth Allen,pleased to have copy of Hy. Munday book. Note two errors pp 14/15 Elizabeth Monday(Allen) bur. 16 Aug 1772 not 16 Nov 1755 - her
Susannah Cook - stated 77 at death. Par.Reg states
"aged 78 exact age unknown ". Also re comment - Dinah M mar. Wm.White... - may be related to Susannah White who m her brother John Munday

Name: Philip Morris
Country: England Date: Mon Dec 22 16:29:04 2003
Message: I live in Stanford in the vale, Oxfordshire. I have several Bow Brickhill families in my family history -paternal side, Cook, Munday, etc.

Name: Bob Mundy (Web Address)
Country: Australia Date: Wed Dec 17 13:28:54 2003
Message: I am a G G Grandson of Henry Mundy. I live near Bacchus Marsh, about 50km from Melbourne.
I was the keeper of Henry's handwritten autobiography for about 30 years until a family disagreement. There is a copy of it in the Latrobe Library in Melbourne. I have researched the family for several years, and have corresponded regularly with Don Reid (M. to a desct of John (Henry's bro). Don lives in Shepparton Vic. where there are many newspaper records of the family. GREAT guestbook!!! Love the

Name: Bernie
Country: UK Date: Mon Nov 24 19:50:26 2003
Message: My 3rd great grandfather Emanuel TIMMS left Cassington to marry Mary WATTS at Bow Brickhill in 1810. The TIMMS at Bow Brickhill married into the WOOTTON, TEAGLE, GAUDERN, etc that I do not know of yet.
I have visited the Village and was shown around the All Saints church by a kind gentleman that used to work for the church for some years.

This is a great site, the best, keep it up.

Any info that may help with my TIMMS research is most welcomed.

Best Wishes

Name: Pat
Country: England Date: Sun Nov 16 14:18:52 2003
Message: Hey,this is a great find and a fantastic site - congratulations !!!!!
I`m researching the SOUTHAM`s of Bow Brickhill . Any offers of Help ?

Name: David Lambert
Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 16 01:54:36 2003
Message: I am a descendent of Sarah Munday, daughter of John Munday and Sarah White, who was baptized 12 Apr 1807 at Bow Brickhill and was married there to Samuel Lane on 29 Oct 1829. I am interested in genealogy. I was referred to this site by Sydney Hill of Australia.

Name: George R Blanke, Sr.
Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 1 02:32:11 2003
Message: My Mother is a Munday. She was Frances E. Munday.
Her father was Robert George Munday, born 7Jan1868
, Kent?, UK, His father is George Henry Munday who
's spouse is Sarah Witter, and his father is James
Munday. Sarah's father was Robert Witter.
I've been unable to obtain any birth, marriage and
death records for those preceeding my mother.
Anyone with this information, please e-mail me,
thank you!!!!!!!

Name: Sue
Country: Date: Sat Oct 4 01:20:42 2003
Message: Hi Hannah - mail me privately and I'll see if I can help.

Name: Hannah
Country: England Date: Thu Oct 2 21:18:55 2003
Message: HELP! i can't find a map of the woods!

Name: Roy & Ruth Barton
Country: England Date: Tue Sep 30 12:05:01 2003
Message: We have just moved into Harley House, Church Road and thought we would check out the site for useful telephone numbers etc. very informative and detailed site - we also looked at the site before we decided to move to the village!

Name: John Cox-May
Country: Australia Date: Mon Aug 4 09:03:00 2003
Message: Researching
the Goodman family. they alternate between Richard and John over the generations. Is the location of a property they owned know?

Cox family. Last known John Cox married Martha Goodman 7th July 1795. I have not been able to find where he was born and who his parents were.Any assistance would be appreciated?

Name: Robert John Bristow
Country: Canterbury, UK Date: Wed Jul 30 22:34:34 2003
Message: A charming site indeed. The 'authress' should be proud. I was looking particularly for info on the church - and how good it was to be able to see around it! If anyone has info on the Bristow memoriam inside - I'd be grateful. Thanks. Kind Regards.

Name: prudence williams
Country: england Date: Sun Jul 27 22:07:45 2003
Message: My father walter oxford was the crossing keeper at the station from 1928-1961 I was born and raised in the village my mother lived at 8 station road until her death in september 1995

Name: David Guest
Country: eng Date: Sat Jul 12 19:26:40 2003
Message: Dear Sir,
I have found a newspaper cutting in a skip.
It is a picture of Bow Brickhill primary school children performing on parent's day - dated 18 December 1951
Would you like it for your archive?
If so please let me know & I will post to you if you send me an address, if not please return this "E" with a "NO" and I will bin it. I hope that it is useful and that you may be able to trace one or two of the "children"
Regards David

Name: June Harman (nee West)
Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Mar 21 04:50:40 2003
Message: Found your website while browsing this evening. I lived there as a small child in mid to late 30`s. My 2 brothers were born in a small white cottage at top of hill on right in 1936 & 1938. Moved away for a few years and returned to live on London End. Went to school there. My granpa and grandma were Levi and Ethel West. He was a sexton at the Church and I used to help him dig the graves in the churchyard. I remember we had to put planks up the sides to prevent the sandy soil from caving in.

Name: sandra paulger
Country: Date: Mon Mar 10 10:14:10 2003
Message: what a nice website
very informative

Name: sidney battams
Country: south africa Date: Sun Jan 26 20:08:39 2003
Message: i was tracing my family history on the net should anyone have info on the battams family i would be very greatful to hear thank you for an interesting site,

Name: Tim Brooks
Country: England Date: Sun Jan 26 11:38:40 2003
Message: Visited Bow Brickhill last night to play in a band for a private party.
Was impressed by the night time view, and interested to find out a little more about the village. - found all I needed to know on your site.
Congratulations on an active and informative web-site - might benefit from more pictures of actual people though?

Name: Joshua Venn
Country: England Date: Sun Dec 22 16:45:34 2002
Message: I used to live in the village, in Greenways in fact. I need your help. I'm looking for someone, they moved to America. They were called the Pucketts. If you know where they live or you knew them could you email me! Cheers

Name: marie ping
Country: england Date: Wed Nov 27 12:15:45 2002
Message: i believe that my ancestors were born at Brickhill. So i am interested to see that village. My family name is Ping

Name: Mary & Alan (Web Address)
Country: United Kingdom Date: Fri Nov 15 10:37:49 2002
Message: Sue, Your pictorial views walking from All Saints really shows our village off to it's best. Keep up this wonderful work. I know with the recent gales, trees can be something of a problem but dont they look wonderful at setting off our village?

Name: Pete Gibbons
Country: U.K Date: Wed Oct 30 21:10:09 2002
Message: Just visiting with Tom Graco, both friends of Keith Dimmock (London End Lane). An excellent web site, but where are the pictures of the Drewfest?

Name: Scott Carruthers
Country: UK Date: Wed Oct 30 13:48:22 2002
Message: Only just seen that Bow Brickhill has got a web site so i thought id pop on and say hi.

Name: Mary Werkhoven
Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 27 14:39:23 2002
Message: Previous problem solved. My grandfather married twice. Second wife Elizabeth Kent, born Bow Brickhill 1808. Thomas Guy married Elizabeth Kent, Bow Brickhill, 1836.
Who was in The Village Choir painting?

Name: Mervyn Thomas Archdall
Country: Canada Date: Tue Oct 22 00:56:32 2002
Message: I must visit, my grandfather (my namesake), grandmother, and father and aunt lived there on Bow Brickhill Road in the forties.

Name: Mary Werkhoven
Country: Australia Date: Tue Oct 15 00:11:14 2002
Message: My great grandmother. Elizabeth, possibly Elizabeth Sinfield, is shown on the 1851, 1881 and 1891 censuses as having been born in Bow Brickhill. She married Thomas Guy of Woburn in about 1830. The IGI, however, shows Thomas Guy as marrying Sarah Sinfield. Thomas and Elizabeth Guys's sons, James and Jabez Guy were born in Little Brickhill in 1843 and 1847. Thomas Guys older children were born in Woburn. Any clues about Elizabeth ? and Sarah Sinfield will be gratefully received. The IGI has Thomas

Name: Mrs Suzanne Croft
Country: England Date: Fri Oct 11 17:55:18 2002
Message: I live near Bow Brickhill at Old Farm Park and I look up at the lovely trees and buildings each day. What a lovely place to live, it's so quiet and peaceful may it remain so forever.

Name: Charlotte Franks
Country: Date: Mon Sep 9 17:21:23 2002
Message: Hi there! Thought I'd see what was going on here in case there was any news to report on for Chiltern FM!!!!

Name: Charles Black
Country: England Date: Mon Jul 22 18:50:15 2002
Message: I was born in Bow Brickhill in 1948,We moved up here to Newcastle in 1964.It,s a great site it brings back many happy memories. My late mother Ruth Stone was born in the village in 1913.

Name: Kate Carter
Country: England Date: Fri Jul 12 18:23:22 2002
Message: Though I would visit again!! I think this site gets better and better, really enjoy popping on now and then. Sue, would you be interested in any old photo's I have of Cricket Teams from the 30's, 50's & 80's? Let me know and I'll pop them over to you. I also have some photo's of the village taken from the old silo tower.

Name: p hughes
Country: bucks Date: Thu Jul 11 22:51:08 2002
Message: best of luck with your deliberation with regard to the incinerator site. hope you get plenty of support

Name: Phil the Bass
Country: China Date: Fri Jun 21 14:39:45 2002
Message: Hi Sue - just thought I would see a bit of home now that I am here in the East. Take care of the flock, and I will see you all again soon.
Here's to a beer back home and a sing song in a loo at midnight. P

Name: Grandma and Edward Malleson
Country: England Date: Sun Apr 21 13:28:25 2002
Message: Greeting from London, hope all are well! Hope walking tour was good and Charlottes party!! Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the near future!! A brilliant Web site!! Lots of love from the Family here!!

Name: Simon Brickhill
Country: uk Date: Thu Mar 21 00:10:43 2002
Message: nice site. anyone know,where did the name brickhill come from? (can't think why i'm curious!)

Name: Doreen McMaster
Country: Canada Date: Sun Mar 3 21:05:11 2002
Message: Loved the virtual tour. We used to live at 10 Parkway. Any chance of getting a photo of that street as part of the tour?
Doreen and Albert McMaster

Name: Annette Laframboise
Country: Montreal,Canada Date: Tue Feb 5 02:51:59 2002
Message: I am the great grandaughter of HUBERT JOHN TADGELL and ELLEN HOLDEN. I found the site doing a search for 'THE WHEAT SHEAF PUB', a business they owned around the turn of the century. Could your inn be the one? Your village is just so picturesque, the website is easy to navigate and very informative, and I love how you all use the guestbook as a bulletin board! I'd love to hear from anyone with info about my ancestors.

Name: s edwards
Country: ENGLAND Date: Fri Feb 1 10:45:50 2002

Name: susan allen
Country: england Date: Tue Jan 22 08:17:13 2002
Message: I was born in Bow Brickhill in 1954. My name was then Susan Hall. I have A brother Terry Hall and a sister Judith Hall. We lived at 22 station rd.
Both my parents now live on greenways. My Dad Tom Hall is now 89 years of age. My Mother is Nell Hall who is 79 years of age.

Name: Ron
Country: Date: Sat Jan 19 18:07:01 2002
Message: I have just shown Mary your tour of the village. She is very impressed, so am I. Thanks for enquiring about me,I am halfway through my treatment Happy New Year
Ron 19.1.02.

Name: Gordon & Marion Heap
Country: Date: Thu Jan 17 21:52:34 2002
Message: We left Bow Brickhill in 1976 to live in Aspley
Guise for 10 years and have now been in Bournemouth since 1986. Have just seen your
pictures and have found them very nostalgic and bring back lots of memories. Thanks and good wishes to anyone who remembers us.

Name: Gordon and Marion Heap
Country: Date: Thu Jan 17 21:44:56 2002

Country: UK Date: Thu Jan 17 19:50:50 2002
Message: My first visit to the site and found it very interesting. My mother was(and still is) Zena Garratt of Pine Cottage,last cottage before the Stone Ground.
Jim Franklin.

Name: Maureen & Alan (Web Address)
Country: Date: Tue Jan 1 15:11:16 2002
Message: Happy New Year from us all at 28 Church Road Bow Brickhill. We enjoyed the feather trial !!!!

Name: geoff Cowie
Country: UK Date: Thu Dec 20 21:46:44 2001
Message: yes, I found it all right with a search for "bow brickhill"...
nice looking site.

Name: Alan & Mary (Web Address)
Country: Buckinghamshire Date: Mon Dec 3 09:01:43 2001
Message: Sue, the organ music "Bow Brickhill" wonderful. When will our site have wide screen video? Its getting more like the Archers every day. Next thing you know is you will have a website fan club, with mugs, teacloths, jams, logs (I know a man...) Keep up the brill work - fantastic you put us all to shame. How about setting up a training course and show us how? Incidentally has everyone seen the new look Parish news - excellent there are even colouring pictures for the kids (young and not so young).

Name: chris sims
Country: Date: Sun Oct 28 11:45:31 2001
Message: Very impressed! Enjoyed this site. Thanks for telling me about it

Name: Maisie Griffiths(Alderson)
Country: Australia Date: Tue Jul 31 08:55:30 2001
Message: BIG childhood memories for me on your site.

Name: Douglas Worrall (Web Address)
Country: England(Cumbria Date: Sun Jul 22 09:40:07 2001
Message: Impressed by your website, only seen via your letter in the Internet magazine. Trying to set up one for my rural community, if you have time would appreciate any basic website building info/advice. The breadth of detail you give for your small area is v.good. Best wishes. Douglas.

Name: Alan Preen (Web Address)
Country: UK Date: Wed Jul 4 09:50:22 2001
Message: Thanks Sue for my Trek Tibet entry, this was much apreciated. Thank you to everyone who assisted me raise so much money for Mencap £5.3K. I have to tell you all that the challenge was certainly "Life changing". If anyone would like to know more about Ngima a young orphan we found out there and what we are trying to do for him from here in Bow Brickhill - please e-mail me. Again my thanks to you all - Alan

Name: Paul Upham
Country: UK (Somerset) Date: Sun Jul 1 21:33:10 2001
Message: My family have just returned from a holiday where we met a lady from your village by the name of Sally - she has a Golden Retriever called Cappa or Capper. Just had to visit your website after hearing of your village. It is a good site for a lovely little village. I hope you do remain successful in keeping your villages character, considering all the pressures for change we have these days. If you know Sally, please pass on my b

Name: Di Fisher
Country: England Date: Wed Jun 27 15:07:44 2001
Message: Just read the program for the Village Show - it's given me lots of ideas for the Jubilee Street Party next year! I'll be ready with my camera for prosperity (and a few laughs!).

Name: Binky Stafford nee Winkler
Country: West Australia Date: Sun May 20 06:47:58 2001
Message: I lived in Walton until 1966 when our family moved to Perth, W.A. My father had a small holding in Caldecott. My grandmother, Clara Slade, lived in Bow Brickhill until her death in 1954? (approx). She lived in a white house, with a white wall, about half way down the hill. She was in a Ladies group or similar,and we went on a visit to Whipsnade Zoo and she slipped and broke her leg and that was the beginning of her demise. Very, very fond memories of the woods and beautiful bluebells.

Name: S. Damon Kletzien
Country: Pennsylvania US Date: Sat May 19 01:41:31 2001
Message: Dear Sue Malleson,
Thanks so much for a grand introduction to your Bow Brickhill! In a few weeks my wife and I will be visiting our niece and husband, Margrit & Bill Mather, residents at 2 Woburn Sands Road. We look forward to "experiencing" Bow Brickhill!
Kind regards,
Damon Kletzien

Name: Alan Preen
Country: UK Date: Thu May 17 17:22:33 2001
Message: With two days before we leave for Kathmandu we have learnt the devastating news that the Chinese last week turned back our first group from the Tibet border. As I write I do not know whether we shall get in see and learn what is going on in this part of your World. Thanks to you all I have raised nearly £5k and fit for the task after so many months of planning!!

Name: Alan Preen
Country: UK Date: Fri May 4 16:53:44 2001
Message: Trek Tibet
Thank you to everyone for their generosity - it is brilliant. Have now passed the £4,250 mark and still it rolls in.
As many of you know we lost our very dear friend Freddy O'Dell and I shall be walking in just three weeks time with very fond memories of Audrey and Freddy and all those stories of Bow Brickhill in times gone by. They were two very special people and an example to us all.

Thank you once again to our village

Alan Preen (departing for Kathmandu

Name: Tom hanley
Country: UK Date: Wed May 2 23:56:34 2001
Message: My sister Pat lives in the village. Congratulations, The site is excellent. Must look at it again soon.

Name: Janet
Country: UK Date: Fri Apr 27 23:03:54 2001
Message: Used to live in MK. Nice site - nice village.

Name: Alan Dansey (Web Address)
Country: Date: Mon Apr 2 09:47:59 2001
Message: Congratulations we have selected this as one of our three feature sites of the month on Out and About Net.

Name: Ron Sheffield
Country: Date: Sat Mar 31 18:31:10 2001
Message: Sue, please get Andy to step up Alan Preens training programme he is not yet fit enough for his trip. You have a brilliant Website.

Name: Claire Parsons
Country: Milton Keynes Date: Mon Mar 19 12:15:32 2001
Message: Worth while site and VERY intresting!!!

Name: Sam Player
Country: England Date: Tue Feb 27 22:25:16 2001
Message: loved the old photos of Bow Brickhill, what a shame it has had to change.

Name: Alan Preen
Country: Date: Sun Feb 25 12:52:05 2001
Message: Could I thank my personal trainer Andy Malleson who is absolutely commited to getting me fit for Tibet. Those 20 milers of his are killers!!

If anyone can spare the odd £pound you can rest assured I am working for it ten times over.
Please see press covereage in the Sunday Citizen although they did not publish an address for the appeal. Cheques please to MENCAP PROMOTIONS c/o Alan Preen 28 Church Road, Bow Brickhill, MILTON KEYNES. MK17 9LD. Thanks to everyone supporting this event

Name: Alan Preen
Country: Date: Sun Feb 25 12:45:07 2001
Message: Sue my thanks for the Trek Publicity. Have come back from Scotlnad to find another £150 in cheques (it's wonderful). Now at the £2,000 mark and rising thanks to all the generosity of friends. Mencap are delighted. Through our website can I thank everyone but personal letters on their way.
Thought your sledging pics were wicked!!

Name: Wendy Jacobs
Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Feb 19 04:07:06 2001
Message: I am the great great great granddaughter of George and Mary (Matthews) Mundy. If you have any information on Mary Matthews and her mother Susan Shelton I would appreciate it. Thank you. I hope to visit Bow Brickhill in the future.

Name: Aby (Web Address)
Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 11 12:24:36 2001
Message: I didn't know Sue was a choir girl. Can we compare cassocks soon? Nice site interesting old pics. Isn't it about time Bow Brickhill got it's very own MacDonalds? all the best places have them now. I mean,just look what it's done for Hockliffe!!

Name: Sarah Allan
Country: England Date: Sun Jan 28 19:32:44 2001
Message: Nice to see Bow Brickhill on the internet!
Sarah Allan(nee Battams)

Name: Janice P Chance
Country: England Date: Wed Jan 17 11:35:17 2001
Message: Like the pages. I am looking for Barden's and Wootn's in Bow Brickhill

Name: geoff
Country: uk Date: Mon Dec 18 23:17:47 2000
Message: in 1964 i was a loco fireman on loan to bletchley loco i stayed in the railway hostel at little brickhill and have been to all 3 brickhills they are great places to visit looking through your website has brought back the good times i have spent there great website

Name: Ken Wootton (Web Address)
Country: England Date: Sat Dec 2 23:30:00 2000
Message: My grandfather George Wootton was born in Aylesbury in 1846, his father was John Wootton - a wool sorter. John's father was William a grocer in Aylesbury Market Square, around 1800.
William Wootton is listed in the Bucks' Posse Commitatus, ie he was in the Home Guard of those days.

Name: Linda Doyle
Country: England Date: Fri Dec 1 08:22:11 2000
Message: A good informative site. I am looking for connections with Edward and Mary Irons married here in 1750

Name: kate Carter
Country: England Date: Tue Nov 28 12:46:30 2000
Message: Great site, thought it great to have a look around

Cheers Kate

Name: Alan Dansey (Web Address)
Country: England Date: Sat Nov 18 01:37:17 2000
Message: Came across your site researching for and will add a link. I have never been to Bow Brickhill but your site has inspired me to drop in next time I am passing.

Name: Julia Bradbury
Country: Date: Wed Nov 1 14:23:15 2000
Message: Sue,
I Think your web site is excellent, really enjoyed reading it.

Kind regards

Julia Bradbury (nee Toombs)

Name: Ted Slaughter (Web Address)
Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Oct 30 03:46:08 2000
Message: Nice site.i enjoy learning about different places.Also,one wonders just what those English people are up to.ha ha ha!

Name: Diane Sambrook
Country: England Date: Wed Oct 18 20:10:41 2000
Message: A very interesting web site

Name: John Stevens
Country: UK Date: Thu Sep 28 23:08:00 2000
Message: I am interested in finding out more about Bow Brickhill, particularly during the 19th century and early 20th century as it impacts upon my family history. I am a direct descenant of Anna Tansley, born about 1826 in Bow Brickhill and of William Woodward, born about 1849 in Bow Brickhill, and his wife (Anna's daughter) Sarah Elizabeth Tansley, born about 1850 in Bow Brickhill. I met Enid Woodward, born 18 September 1914 in Bow Brichill, on her 86th birthday, now living in Baltimore, Maryland, U

Name: Alan Cook
Country: Australia Date: Sun Sep 10 06:00:27 2000
Message: Great web site; I enjoy reading the newsletter. Interested to hear from anyone connected with the COOKE/COOK families of Bow Brickhill, most were farmers, first mention found in 1522.

Name: james hulance
Country: ENGLAND Date: Fri Sep 8 09:44:11 2000
Message: Me and my family moved next to Bow Brickhill in Caldecotte, the fireworks display last year at the school was impressive, same again this year?

Name: Jane Lambert (Web Address)
Country: France Date: Sun Sep 3 11:40:00 2000
Message: Hello. My mother,Mrs Selby-Lowndes of Battams Close, Bow Brickhill gave me you Web address. I grew up in Bow Brickhill at Battams Close but now my husband and I live and work in France so it is very nice to have this sort of contact with my old village. Your site is very informative and the pictures are very interesting. Would love to hear from you. Jane Lambert

Name: Allen Brickhill
Country: US Date: Sun Sep 3 00:11:50 2000
Message: Hello.
I remember seeing Bow Brickhill on a British Railways map in 1978, but never gave it another thought until I saw your web page.

Name: Janice Collings
Country: Canada Date: Sat Sep 2 21:23:27 2000
Message: Hi, I am an ex resident of Milton Keynes and I get homesick for the place sometimes. I now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, which is really beautiful.

Name: Sandra Dixon
Country: Bucks, England Date: Mon Jul 17 10:00:04 2000
Message: Good site, quite informative, but nothing mentioned on the geology of the area, and not enough on the Woods

Name: trolleyguide (Web Address)
Country: Milton Keynes, Date: Sun Jun 25 23:52:59 2000
Message: Very nicely organised site!
However, I'm curious about some of the old piles scattered throughout the Brickhills and southern MK. There seem to be several disused or semi-inhabited buildings about. How does one track down the stories about any particular place?

Name: Bekki Jones
Country: Milton keynes Date: Mon Jun 12 10:28:21 2000
Message: Great site Sue. Keep your amazing work up!!

Name: Myles Peacock (Web Address)
Country: England Date: Thu Jun 8 15:14:01 2000
Message: Impressed with the website, nice to see a small village like ours being forward thinking.
Myles - 10 Greenways Bow Brickhill

Name: marigold parkins
Country: australia Date: Sat Jun 3 06:52:53 2000
Message: great site sue love to andrew and the girls congratulations on becoming grandparents

Name: Sydney Hill
Country: Australia Date: Wed May 24 04:56:24 2000
Message: Hi Sue.
Congratulations on a wonderful web site.
I have learnt a lot more about Bow Brickhill and now have seen some of the places mentioned by my ancestors diary.I,like Chris Pattison am descended from the Munday/Monday family and my branch left Bow Brickhill in 1844.Henry,the eldest son,left a diary in which he devoted part to a description of his village and some of the people there.
Hope to see more updates and more photographs in the future.
Great effort.

Name: Chris Pattison (Web Address)
Country: Lichfield, UK. Date: Sat May 20 20:49:12 2000
Message: Hi Sue
Just to add what I said in my e-mail to you, thanks for putting together such an excellent website. I feel I'm going to make a lot of progress with my research on the Munday family of Bow Brickhill.

Name: David Fiddimore
Country: London, England Date: Sun May 14 20:27:00 2000
Message: Checking out accomodation for when we come to my brother's wedding in September . . .

Name: Mick
Country: UK Date: Tue May 9 00:47:02 2000
Message: Hi Sue,
I live in the village, n.o 47 Station Rd and have always been interested in Bow Brickhill,s history. I have found this very informative and interesting and the photos are superb, well done and thanks.
Best Wishes,

Name: Doug Brown
Country: Bedlam Date: Sun May 7 21:23:54 2000
Message: Geat time , Thanks to all and for the peaceful nights sleep.

Name: Martin Durrant
Country: UK Date: Thu May 4 13:04:21 2000
Message: Good to see the V&A paintings on the site!
Please ask enquirers to contact the Picture Library at the V&A Museum.

Name: Alan Higgs (Web Address)
Country: England Date: Mon Apr 24 13:18:10 2000
Message: Hi Sue, brill web site, I had often thought of doing one for Toddington......but time !!!! My own little web site takes so much to keep it current. I was in your lovely village this morning, visiting Rupert & Jodee Faircough at Ivy Cottage, Station Road.

I will visit the site regards..Alan
Name: Rupert & Jodee Fairclough
Country: uk Date: Sat Apr 22 22:30:00 2000
Message: Hi Sue,
What a great web site!
My wife and I have just moved into the house shown
in the photo titled "The corner of Church Rd & Station Rd". Thanks to the Bow Brickhill web site I can show all my friends where I live!

Regards Rupert.

Name: Rob Middleton
Country: England Date: Thu Apr 20 11:09:23 2000
Message: Nice job, Sue. Much easier to find this site than the old one!
See you all soon!

Name: Sandy Macmillan
Country: Kuwait Date: Wed Apr 19 09:24:07 2000
Message: Really nice to see BB on the web. We will return in a few years!

Name: David Hopkins
Country: England Date: Wed Apr 19 08:40:12 2000
Message: How about a link to the MK Web site. Grat work putting this together.

Name: Jenny Woods
Country: Date: Tue Mar 14 08:20:33 2000
Message: Have at last got round to visiting the site - I am really impressed Sue, Well done.

See you Sunday

Name: Lynne Moneypenny (Web Address)
Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 12 14:58:50 2000
Message: Hi, just browsing around some All Saints church sites. Enjoyed my tour of the village, and the church of course! Keep up the good work.

Name: Simon Bowden
Country: England Date: Fri Mar 10 11:58:07 2000
Message: My connection is that i'm sitting next to the daughter of the designer of this website. Bow Brickhill looks like a very interesting place to live. By the way Sarah does no work whatsoever!

Name: Marianne
Country: Wales!!! Date: Fri Mar 10 09:49:52 2000
Message: To the malleson clan,
I believe you know my connection!
Congratulations on the new baby!
See you soon,
Love Marianne x.

Name: Nisha
Country: Bucks Date: Tue Mar 7 12:44:39 2000
Message: I think Bow Brickhill is great cos I go riding there at the Trekking Centre!!!!!

Name: Angela & Andy King
Country: UK Date: Wed Feb 23 14:51:38 2000
Message: What an excellent website, it has improved since we last
looked at it last year. As we live in the village we find its
a great source of information. Well done Sue

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