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Contacts or photos are listed below on this page for the following families:  Atkins, Atterbury, Bates, Ross, Barden, Barratt, Benbow, Burton,Chambers, Chaplin, Cleaver, Collins, Collings, Cooke, Deyns, Draper, Featherstone-Knight, Guy, Burrass, Hall, Hammond, Howes, Irons, Kent, King, Leech, Milard, Millard, Miller, Mundy, Munday, Norman, Odell, Orr, Ping, Pint, Ross, Tansey/Tansley, Tims, Tucker, Waite, West, Woodward, Timms and Wootton.

The following people are mentioned in the Henry Mundy memoirs:  George Atterbury, Jenny Baldwell, Dick Bodily, Thomas Brice, Mr Britten, John Brown from Shenley, Bett, Bett, Jack, Joe and Will  Clark, Betsy and Sally Cook,   Rev Davies, Sally, Tom and Will Day, Col. De Laps, Dr Ghent of Little Brickhill,  Mrs Hart,  Mr Harvey of Cold Harbour, Tom Holmes,  Mr Kent, Judy and Will Lane,  Tom Lovel, Mr Middleton of Walton, Mary Norman, Squire Pinfold of Walton, Moll Perry,  Jack Timms, Sall West, Sam West, Ephrain Wooten, Rev A B Wynter, Mr Charles Philip Wynter, as well as many members of the Mundy (Munday) family.

Family researchers might also wish to check for family names in the History Society's booklet, "Bow Brickhill during the Great War". 

Click here to view an image of an auction poster from 1889 complete with names of those living in the cottages for sale.

The Bow Brickhill History Society has documented the churchyard complete with photographs of all gravestones and memorials. Also completed is a transcription of press coverage, Bow Brickhill Parish Council minutes and School Log Book records relating to World War I. Please email   to obtain a list of surnames mentioned in this booklet.  BBHS publications are available to purchase - read more .....

If you would like information posted on this page so that other researchers can contact you, please contact the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Various names appear on the War Memorial and the plaque on April Cottage which commemorates the sale of the heath.  View pictures here

Gary Curran has been trying to locate information about his great grandfather William Edward Ross (died 1934) who was the blacksmith in Bow Brickhill.  William was married to Sarah and had five children:  Ada, Emily, Lilian, Ethel Jane, Grace,l and William Joseph, Percy Douglas, Evelyn Murial, and Dora.   Emily, Gary's grandmother,  married Allan Atkins and apparently lived in the village until 1960s.    She was known among the villagers as Polly Atkins and it is thought that she was a recluse.  

If anyone has any photographs of the old blacksmith's shop Gary would like to hear from them, and he'd be delighted if he could make contact with any other members of his family and find a  photograph of William Ross.Contact him by email to the website owner, details at the bottom of this page. 

George Atterbury was born in Bow Brickhill in 1826 to Thomas Atterbury and his wife Sarah nee Banford. He was the only one of their children to survive infancy and was brought up in the work house when Thomas died leaving Sarah destitute. 

Sarah later married John Butcher in Bow Brickhill and George grew up to be a friend of Henry Mundy and appears in Henry's memoirs - (see Munday pages). George moved to Staffordshire and married Sarah Fisher in Tipton in 1847. They lived in West Bromwich and George worked as a coal miner and furnace builder for 30 years. 

They had six children Sarah, William, John, George, Elizabeth and Edward, all but the last born in West Bromwich .  George obviously remembered his roots and friends in Bow Brickhill, as son Edward was born there and a few years later George and his wife Sarah moved back. He became a Parish Councillor in 1894 and continued to live in Bow Brickhill until his death in 1903. Some of his descendants still live in West Bromwich, but others are scattered as far as Australia and America. Contact Margaret by emailing the website owner; details at the bottom of this page.

Possible spellings also Balden, Bawling, Baldwin. More details are here....  Click here for the Barden memorial east window at All Saints Church, Bow Brickhill.

Peter Barratt was born in Wood Lodge in November 1929.  His father was a gamekeeper for the Woburn Estate and Peter went to school in the village.  The family left in 1935. Read here what Peter says about the village.        

Bev and her sister are researching the Benbows.  Their grandmother, Elizabeth Maud Benbow (born 16.5.1898), was a teacher and migrated to West Australia, Australia in 1923 to join her brothers Charles John (23.3.1899 )and Frederick George. There was another sister Rosa Edith (known as Bud), who married Ernie Beany. Their parents were John James Benbow and Rosa Edith Benbow (nee Morris). To contact Bev email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Burrass - see Guy

William Edward Burton was headmaster at Bow Brickhill school in the 1930s. He married Frances Coleman of Fenny Stratford.  Pictures of the families can be seen here.

Ian Chambers is researching his family.  The relevant information he has is as follows:  James Chambers (born circa 1807), married Mary Powell who was born circa1811), at Bow Brickhill on 9th October 1827.

Their son, Thomas Chambers, (born circa 1828) married Mary Ann Souster at Bow Brickhill on 13th October 1851. (Mary's father was James Souster.)

Their son, Joseph Chambers, (born 13th April 1852), married Elizabeth Barden, (born 7th June 1855), at Bow Brickhill on 7th September 1874. (Elizabeth's parents were Robert and Ann, (nee Frost) Barden.)

Although there are mentions of Chambers in the parish registers before James' marriage in 1827, Ian has not been able to link him to any of them. To contact Ian email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page.

Diana Burns is tracing her branch of the Chambers family of Bow Brickhill.  Her ancestor was George, brother of the Thomas Chambers from whom Ian Chambers (above) has traced his ancestors. 
George was born in 1833 and married Caroline or Catherine Clark(e) of Bow Brickhill in Lambeth in 1851.  They had five surviving children - George (b1850 Bow Brickhill); Emma (b1851 Hoxton); William John (b1855 City of London); Elizabeth (b 1856 Christ Church, Surrey) and Caroline Julia (b 1858 Christ Church, Surrey).
Diana's great grandfather was William John Chambers who married Elizabeth Bourne of St Albans in 1877, and they moved to Hertfordshire.  There they raised William Ernest (b 1879), Horace George (b 1880), Francis Henry (b 1882), Ethel Caroline (b 1885), Edith Mary (b 1887), Frederick John (b 1889), Herbert Stanley (b 1891), Rose (b 1893) and Sidney (b 1896).   Diana has never been able to trace any descendants of her branch of the Chambers - can anyone help? To contact Diana email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Joshua Chaplin gained some notoriety in the parish when he was a party to the sale of the heath. This unpopular act is commemorated on a stone plaque in the village. The Chaplin family believes that Joshua and his younger brother William made their own spirits or beer and fell foul of their boss when discovered and that their boss took over the brewing himself. Could this have been another of Colonel De Lap's unpopular actions? The relatives of William (who married Rebecca Willmer in 1836) would like to hear from any members of the Chaplin/Willmer family. It is known that one of their sons, Samuel, was living and working in Bow Brickhill in the 1900s and another, Charles, was a stonemason. To make contact with the Chaplin family email the website owner, details at the bottom of this page.


Simon Cleaver married Elizabeth Clarke 29th February 1788 in Bow Brickhill parish church, both described as 'of this parish' in the register. Their first three children were born in the village: Simon baptised 16.11.1788, Thomas baptised 29.9.1790, Elizabeth baptised 25.3.1793. The family then moved to Milton Bryant where further children were born, and finally settled in Toddington. John Cleaver married Catherine Hammond 24th September 1789 in the parish church. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, baptised 29th August 1790. Catherine Cleaver was buried in Bow Brickhill 18th January 1791. John Cleaver then married Elizabeth Lane 9th January 1804.They had moved to Flamstead by 1806 when the first of their children was born.

Collings (Collins) 
Jon Collings has confirmed that his great-great grandfather Thomas Collins moved to Bow Brickhill and married Hannah (also known as. Anna) Eliliza Millar (also written as Millard or Miller) a local Bow Brookhill girl on 19 November 1860 at All Saints church. Thomas was a besom broom maker (witch’ s broom) and Hannah was a straw hat maker. Thomas and Hannah were buried in the churchyard at Bow Brickhill on  7 July 1910 and 16 May 1885, respectively. Jesse Collings was the illegitimate child of Hannah (born 31 August 1858) and adopted the family name after her marriage. Children  from the marriage were Arthur Thomas Collings (born 1866), Alfred (born1871) and Julia (born1874).  Despite his humble origins, Jesse joined the Buckinghamshire Constabulary in October 1879, eventually retiring as an Inspector in the Northampton Police Force ...more. Arthur also moved to Northampton and entered the boot and shoe trade although a document has come to light which shows he sold a property in 1931at Bow Brickhill known as The Pines,  2 Church Road and his occupation was given as a retired fishmonger. Please send any information you may have about Collings/Collins or Millar/Millard/Miller living in or around Bow Brickhill 
the website owner using details at the bottom of this page.

The Cooke family were Quakers in the parish in the 1600s.  A branch of the family remained in the village until the end of the 1800s.  I've set up a Cooke page with more information. 

Curtis - John Curtis was a Baptist Preacher in Bow Brickhill in the mid 1800s ... more 

Deyns - pictures of Captain and Mrs Deyns - also see Orr below

Henry Mundy mentions Betty Draper a gypsy and one descendent of the Draper family living locally is doing research into the gypsies. Email the website owner (details at the bottom of this page) if you have information on gypsy families from the area or the Draper family in particular.

Guy & Burrass
Mary Werkhoven is researching her great grandfather Thomas Guy who lived in Bow Brickhill (and in Pinfold Ponds). He married Elizabeth Kent in 1836 in Bow Brickhill. His father and mother, John and Mary Guy, died in the Woburn Poor House in the 1850s. She has not been able to find the marriage of John and Mary anywhere in Bedfordshire although their children, Sarah, William, Thomas, and Elizabeth were born in Woburn between 1800 and 1812. There is a record of a John Guise marrying a Mary Burrass in Wavenden in 1799.  There are Burrasses - William, Joseph, Hannah - born in Bow Brickhill in the years 1800 onwards, and these could be cousins of Mary's great grandfather Thomas Guy who was born in 1808. To contact members of the family
email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Gerald - pictured here - grandson of the Rector of Bow Brickhill, lived here for a time. His fascinating life is detailed in this .  An airman during the first World War, he was captured in Germany, escaped and made his way back to England.  Gerald Featherstone Knight MC,  is commemorated on Bow Brickhill's war memorial. The  book he wrote, 'Brother Bosch' published in 1919 can be downloaded and read here

Canadian, Peter Smith is tracing Ephraim Hall, born in Bow Brickhill probably in 1842. He married a Mary Mallett of Wing, Bucks and was a chemist in Luton by 1860's. Their 13th child, Peter's grandfather was born in Luton in 1885.  If you can help Peter Smith
email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Mary is trying to find members of Hall family too.  Ann baptised 17 August 1806 at Bow Brickhill was the daughter of Thomas Hall and Martha.  There would appear to be several Halls in Bow Brickhill at that time - John, Thomas, Joseph and possibly Richard. Contact Mary by
emailing the website owner using details at the bottom of this page.

Kay has a great great great grandmother called Hannah Hall who was born in Bow Brickhill in 1800. She married Edwin Saunders from Waddesdon and apparently moved to the USA in 1841. Contact Kay by emailing the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

A descendent of Eliza Hammond is seeking information about her ancestor.  Eliza born in Bow Brickhill,
daughter of Robert a farmer (born 1791) and Ann (born c. 1796) was baptised on 8 October 1831. Robert and Ann are recorded living in Great Brickhill in the 1841 & 1851 census. Eliza married in 1860  John Hallworth a farmer & miller in the Ampthill area, and they had seven children, and she appears aged 69 in the 1901 census of Cookham. More information about the family can be found here

A story of true love involving Lizzie Howes and George William (William George) Munday - click here.

Marilyn is tracing her mother's Irons family tree .18th and 19th century Irons are from Edlesborough /Eaton Bray /Northall Bucks but a William Irons marrying Mary Arpen/Arpel in December 1750 in Bow Brickhill. Contact Marilyn by
emailing the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 


Diane Sambrook is researching her great-great-great grandfather, Samuel Kent (born 1801).  He married Susannah Leach (born 1803).  Diane would welcome contact from any Kent or Leach researchers, also Gadsden, Woodward or Sinfield. Email the website owner; details at the bottom of this page. You can read a declaration made by Mr George Kent in 1896 here.

Russell King is trying to confirm that one of his ancestors owned the Wheatsheaf pub in Bow Brickhill around 1820.  When he died he left the pub to his youngest son William who inherited the pub around the 1850s according to his father's will. Here's Russell's web site  If anyone can help him to confirm this fact please email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

In the St Lawrence Jewry, London, parish register the marriage on 20 June 1772 of John Lotan and Elizabeth Knight of Bow Brickhill, County Buckingham, widow, is recorded. One witness was Willam Stevenson. Elizabeth married a third time to Ralph Bayly in 1783, in Hertfordshire. If you have more information email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page.

Contemporary newspapers tell us that on the night of Monday 1st July and the early hours of the next day Assistant gamekeepers, Joseph Leech and Benjamin Elliott encountered three poachers. There was a scuffle, a chase and one of the poachers, a William Chandler, “struck Leech an almighty blow across the head which felled the man.” The poachers escaped and Leech was taken to a house in Bow Brickhill where he died a few days later.  He was buried in the churchyard of All Saints. Chandler , who came from Stewkley, was captured at Winslow and one of other poachers, Joseph Keen was taken in London . The third man, apparently, was never caught. An inquest was held at The Plough Inn. Chandler and Keen were committed to the Bucks Assizes where Keen was acquitted Chandler was found guilty of manslaughter and ordered to be transported to Australia for 15 years. If you have any further information about this crime or in particular Joseph Leech or family please email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page.

Please see above for Collings/Collins

Munday - click here for the Mundy/Munday  pages

Norman - click here for the Norman family in  1800s and here for the Norman family circa 1950.

The O'dells were in Bow Brickhill for generations. Recently some photographs have been uncovered and so this site now has an O'dell page.


Eve is looking for any information about Harold Orr and/or his descendants. Harold, an architect, was the son of Robert Hamilton Orr and Ethel Beatrice Hands. Both Robert & Ethel were Lt. Cols in the Salvation Army and died in Australia in the 1950’s. Harold is Eve’s first cousin; he was also in the Salvation Army.  He was an architect in Australia and left there around 1935, having won a four year travelling scholarship. Eve has discovered that he remained in England for much of that time.  On 20 July 1940 Harold, who was then 29, married Ethel Nora Deyns (19) of Rectory Farm, Bow Brickhill, daugher of Edward Fuller Victor Deyns "gentleman farmer".  Ethel Nora was a hospital nurse. It is thought that the young couple may have returned to Australia, possibly to Sydney. Contact Eve Click here for a picture of Captain Deyns, Ethel's father.

Marie Ping is researching her family.  She writes: My granddad - William Leslie Ping born 1914 and my great uncle George was probably born in the Brickhill area.  My great granddad - Herbert George Ping born 1890 in Great Brickhill.  My great great uncles are Aubry (born 1898), Percy (born 1893) and John (born 1883 in Little Brickhill).  My great great granddad is William Ping (born 1859 in Great Brickhill) and he married Mary nee Souster in 1880.  Williams brother is Josiah Ping born 1862.  My great great great granddad is John Ping (born 1817 in Little Brickhill) and he married Mary who came from Sheffield.  Contact Marie by emailing the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Ross (see also Atkins/Ross above)
The great grandchild of the cobbler Edwin Waite, who lived at the Yews wrote of the Ross family: "The cottage was part of a pair, the one on the left being lived in by Mr Ross and his family.  I can remember being told that he worked very hard and obviously became quite dirty during the course of his work each day but afterwards he was immaculate.  I can remember being told he wore spats. The whole family would go to church - I seem to remember quite a few daughters - and they were all very smart. 

"My grandparents came back to Bow Brickhill and lived at the blacksmith's which had then been converted into a bungalow, and called the Old Forge." 

Gilbert William Smith was born 1908 in Coombe Fields, Warwickshire, the son of Joseph William Smith, gamekeeper at Little Brickhill, and Lilian Smith nee Norgate. Gilbert had a brother Kitchener Joseph Stanley Smith, also known as Joe, and two sisters: Ivy Smith who married Sidney Joseph Stone and Joan Smith who married John Charles Betts.  After Joseph died in 1917 Lilian later married Harry Devereux and had two sons. Gilbert was living at 1 Hillside, Bow Brickhill at the time of his mother Lilian's death in 1944. Lilian was buried 4th October 1944 at All Saints, Bow Brickhill. If this is part of your family then email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Janet, in Australia is looking for information about John Smith, Christened in Little Brickhill in 1749 and married to Ann Lake in 1772 at  All Saints Church Bow Brickhill.  Email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 

Bernard Ratcliffe (Bernie), who has collection information on the Timms family in Oxfordshire going back to 1723, told how his third great grandfather Emanuel Timms was born 1785 at Cassington Oxfordshire. Emanuel married Mary Watts from Weedon Beck in Northamptonshire at Bow Brickhill in April 1810.  Their children, all born at Bow Brickhill were William (born 1810, married Mary Teagle about 1832), Emanuel (born 1813 married Mary Ann Gaudern in 1834), Thomas (born 1816 married Sarah ? about 1834), Richard (born 1820), John (born 1826 married Sarah ? about 1857), George - from Bernie's line (born 1823 married Ann Burt or Birt from Weedon Beck in 1843), Hannah (born 1830 married John Thomas Wootton in 1848).  

Another Timms researcher whose mother is the great great great granddaughter of Emanuel, says Emanuel's son George married an Ann Burt, was widowed in 1845 and remarried Ann Rogers in 1849 in Lambeth. George died in 1906 in Aldershot where his son John who had joined the army lived in North Town.  John's daughter Eliza Ann married Willie Griffin, also in the army and also in North Town - both of them dying in 1942. Please email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page stating which family you are interested in to be put in touch with Timms family researchers.

Tucker/West (see below)
Jenny is hoping to make contact with relatives of Dorothy Myra West and Kenneth Desmond Tucker, her grandparents who were married at Bow Brickhill on 2 March 1940.  Dorothy's parents were Thomas Ephraim West and Annie Elizabeth Bates married here also on 16 December 1901.  Please email
the website owner using details at the bottom of this page. 


Edwin Waite was a cobbler and had his workshop to the right of his house, the cottage with two yew trees in the front next to the gate - The Yews.  The cottage was part of a pair, the one on the left being lived in by Mr Ross and his family.  

Alice and Aubrey Waite, moved to Coventry when they married, but returned to Bow Brickhill for the funeral of Edwin's wife. During that night there was a Coventry blitz and their house was demolished.  Eventually they came back to Bow Brickhill and lived in the blacksmith's which had then been converted into a bungalow, and called the Old Forge. Both The Yews and the Old Forge exist today and can be found almost opposite the Wheatsheaf pub.  For a picture of the Waite family pictured outside The Yews click here

An old photograph of the West family, early in the 20th century, can be seen here. 

Gary West, who resides in Essex, recently traced his lineage back to the Wests of Bow Brickhill around 1815.  He would welcome contact from anyone that has information of the Wests around that period, or can help taking the name back even further.  I'm particularly interested in Susannah West who was born 1815 and died 1852, was a Lace maker by occupation, and lived and died in Bow Brickhill. Email the website owner using details at the bottom of this page.

Woodward - see Kent and Tansley above.


The Woottons were wheelwrights and Henry Mundy talks about them quite a bit in his memoirs - Ephraim (Lavinia's brother) was a friend of Henry.

Sheila Moore has been tracing the Wootton family.  Harry Wootton was 35 years old in 1891 and Sheila would particularly like to know whether there are any descendants of his still in the locality.  You can contact Sheila on 01209 712441. The tallest girl in Thomas Webster's "A Village Choir" is thought to have been Lavinia Wootton, 1828 - 29 January 1907.  Click here for a photograph taken of her later in life.


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