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Criminal Damage

We would like to thank all the residents who took the time to join us at the last Parish Council meeting.  The main issues of concern related to criminal damage in Church Road, Station Road and at the Pavilion in Rushmere Close.  At the meeting it was felt that although we are a small community with the support of residents and the local police as a parish we could unite and resolve these issues.

Following the Parish Council meeting the Pavilion was again the target of graffiti.  This occurred during the removal of the first attack, on Thursday 21 November.  This is very disappointing and it will prove costly to the parish if we have to continue paying for such vandalism.  This is a community hall that the parish is proud of and is supported by local residents and groups.  It is our aim to improve the facilities at the Pavilion and great deal of work is being carried out in order to gain funding for this to happen.

The police have asked residents to remain vigilant at all times.  Contact them if you see any suspicious incidents.  In January PC Cameron Smith is aiming to arrange a meeting in relation to the Neighbourhood Watch scheme.  Further details will be printed in the next Parish News.

Best Wishes

We would like to wish Mr & Mrs Causer and Mrs Selby-Lowndes all the best for their forthcoming moves.  Both families have lived in Bow Brickhill for many years and are known to us all as active and supportive members of the community. Norman served a number of years on the Parish Council and was presented with a gift from the parish.  Mrs Selby-Lowndes' family has been in the village since the 1950s.  She has seen many changes in our community over that time.  We wish them all well in their new homes; the residents of Bow Brickhill will miss both families.

Daffodil Bulbs

The third stage in the daffodil planting has now been completed with thanks to Mr Andy Malleson, Mr Ron Varney, Duncan & Paul who have again braved the elements of winter.  Most areas of the village have now been planted.

Blocked Drains

We are aware that there have been problems with the drains blocking and overspilling throughout the village during recent wet weather.  Milton Keynes Council is aware of the problems and will be visiting Bow Brickhill in December to look at what can be done.

Horse Watch

There is a local Horsewatch scheme in place.  If you are interested in receiving further information on what you can do about equine crime, please contact Thames Valley Police on 01908 6860875 or email:

Christmas Lights

We are pleased to inform all village residents that the Christmas lights should be illuminated from the first week in December to the first week in January and we would especially like to thank Mr Ron Varney for his very kind donation of a tree for the green.  We would also like to thank Duncan Summerfield and Paul Bowdler for taking the time to put up both the tree and the church light in cold wet weather to ensure that we can all enjoy them over the festive period.

The Parish Coucnil would like to wish all the residents of Bow Brickhill Parish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Date of Next Meeting 

The next Parish Council meeting is to be held on Thursday 12 December 2002, at 7.30 pm in the Pavilion, Rushmere Close.  Clerk:  Mrs Julie Summerfield, 12 Station Road, Bow Brickhill.  Tel 01908 645158.  Email 


Memorial Service

The Memorial Service was well attended again this year and we would like to thank Stuart Leeming and the Church Wardens for conducting the ceremony in the absence of a parish vicar.

New Rector for the Brickhills and Stoke Hammond

Some months ago we reported to you that there would be a reorganisation of church parishes in our area and the new group of parishes would become the Brickhills and Stoke Hammond.  This is now taking place at the end of December and the wardens are pleased to announce the appointment of a new rector.  He is the Reverend John Waller.  John is, at present, in Milton Keynes but expects to take up the post here before Easter.  There will be an official ceremony to induct John and the details should be available in the new year.  In the meantime a full schedule of services continues in Bow Brickhill.

The Reverent Ian Thomas will be taking the Family Service and Baptism on 1st December at 11 am. On the same day we have our Advent Carol Service at 5 pm (please bring a torch), and this will be led by Warden John Wales.  The 11 am Holy Communion Service on 8th December will be taken by the Reverend Siv Tunnicliffe.  Matins on the 15th December at 11 am will be led by Warden Stuart Leemiing and on the 22 December at 3 pm we will be holding a traditional Christmas service of nine lessons and carols.  Our midnight communion on Christmas Eve takes place at 11.45 pm an will be led by the Reverend Stephen Barnes.  All are welcome. 
The Wardens.

Church Flowers and Cleaning Rota

I will soon be doing this for 2003 and would welcome any new volunteers to replace those that have left the rota this year.  If you think you have a couple of hours to spare once or twice a year to help with the cleaning or flower arranging or would like more information about either please contact Kay on 01908 372032.


Flowers Cleaning Readers
1 December Advent Mrs J Lousada 11 am Mrs J Woods
5 pm - As notified
9 December Advent   Mr A Malleson
15 December Advent Mrs Kay Leeming Mrs J Woods
Miss R Clarke
22 December to be arranged   As notified
24 December     Mr S Leeming
Mr T Holden
29 December Benefice Service at Great Brickhill    

Services December 2002 

Bow Brickhill All Saints   
1st December - 11 am Family Service, 5 pm Advent Carol Service
8 December - 11 am Holy Communion
15 December - 11 am Matins
22 December - 3 pm Christmas Carol Service
24 December - 11.45 pm Holy Communion

Great Brickhill St Mary the Virgin   
1 December - 9.30 am Holy Communion
8 December - 9.30 am Family Service, 6 pm Evening
15 December - 9.30 am Holy Communion
22 December - 9.30 am Village Service
24 December - 5 pm Carol Service
25 December - 11 am Holy Communion

Little Brickhill St Mary Magdalene 
1 December - No Service
8 - December - 11 am Family Service
15 December - No Service
22 December - 5 pm Carol Service
25 December - 9.30 am Holy Communion

Special Christmas Communion

A special Holy Communion Service will take place on Monday 23rd December at 10.30 am at 53A Station Road taken by the Rev Peter Lymbury.

We extend a warm invitation to you to come and celebrate this very special time of year with us.  If you need help with transport to any of the services do call Georgy or Tim on 10908 372626.  You are most welcome to attend any of the services in the Brickhills.

Autumn Bazaar

The Autumn Bazaar proved to be one of the most successful yet with plenty of well stocked interesting stalls and an excellent turnout of people from the village.  The winning raffle ticket (Number 13) for the twin dolls was unclaimed so if anyone has this can they contact Barbara Smith on 01908 373339.  Thanks go to all the stallholders for their time and effort before and after the bazaar and although it is our major fundraising event of the year and raised an outstanding 1,230 this time, we hope it is also a good social occasion too and the support from all in the village both in attendance and in giving to the various stalls is very much appreciated.

Unclaimed Raffle Prizes - The following prices are unclaimed.  If you have the winning ticket contact Mike on 10908 649223.   Orange 825, Orange 838., White 435, White 478.  We would like to thank Elegance Beauty Salon, The Wheatsheaf Pub and all the residents of Bow Brickhill who donated a prize for the raffle.  

Thanks from Wendie - On behalf of Diana Kesterton and myself I would like to thank all those who kindly gave items for the Bric-a-brac stall. Again we raised a fantastic amount of money - 175 and we will do car boot sales with the unsold items currently filling my greenhouse.  Once again many thanks.  Wendie Mills


Carol Singing

Come and join the carol singers on Tuesday 17th December and Thursday 19th December starting at 6.45 pm at the War Memorial.

We shall tour the Station Road end of the village on Tuesday and the hill end on Thursday night. Children are very welcome but will need to bring along a responsible adult.

There are now lots more old photographs on the web site - see 'old photos'.


Steetley has claimed a further right of appeal against the dismissal of its appeal on the grounds (a) that some of the evidence submitted to the inquiry could not be seen by the inspector because of its commercial confidentiality and (b) the decision should not have depended on establishing the lack of a national need for Woburn Bentonite.

Brian's Won the Lottery!

Our MP Brian White was one of 20 MPs whose name was drawn out of a hat giving him the opportunity to introduce a new bill in the House of Commons. Please write to him now - he only has two weeks to make up his mind - urging him to adopt the Doorstep Recycling Bill which will provide every home with a doorstep recycling service. You can email Brian on or write to him at the House of Commons, London SW1A )AA.

Milton Keynes Expansion

Recent government announcements have threatened to increase massively the size of Milton Keynes. The plans include the proposals for a southern bypass. Would this be through the Brickhills allowing motorists to get a clear view of the lovely landscape? Who knows. More details are on the Bow Brickhill web site. You can also check out the proposals at

From Borough Councillor David Hopkins

The planning application for the Incinerator at Newton Longville was unanimously rejected by Milton Keynes Development Control Committee at a special meeting in October.  However a second application is in the wings and we can expect the applicants to appeal the decision.

The new recycling regime comes into force from 18th November.  If you require details of the scheme I am happy to mail or email an information sheet.

Canal Project - Citizen's Jury.  I have been invited to attend this unique and intriguing three-day event by British Waterways.  I will report what I see in the January edition of the Parish News.

Can I take this opportunity to wish each and every resident a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful 2003.

David Hopkins, 80 Walton Road, Wavendon MK17 8LW  Tel 01908 582632

Bow Brickhill First School
Fireworks Display

Despite the heavy downpours on Fireworks night, once again this was successful event.  The heavens miraculously cleared for the display and everyone had a great time.  Understandably we made less than last year, but, thanks to Bob the pig roast man and all the parents selling refreshments and necklaces we made about 450 for the library fund.  Our next major fundraising event will be a ladies evening in February though we will be running a few stalls at the Christmas concerts and the Nativity play.

Persil & Nestle

If you use Persil or Nestle products and have collected any of the special tokens for school equipment, Elaine Chesse would be pleased to receive them. Pop them in an envelope and deliver them to the school.  

We wish you a Happy Christmas and thank all villagers who have supported school events this year.

Incinerator Threat

Have your joined BRAIN? - Bucks Residents Against the INcinerator.

It's free. All you need to do is fill in and return the form which was circulated last month either to the address given, or hand it to Sue Malleson, Holly Cottage, London End Lane. Alternatively you can visit where you'll find joining details.

Just because Milton Keynes Council turned down the first planning application doesn't mean that this threat has gone away. Shanks may appeal against the refusal and the company has already submitted another application which is like the first except that there's a big space where the incinerator was - all ready for it to be added at a later date.

If you wrote a letter of objection to the first application - then it's time to write another and if you didn't get round to it the first time, please let the Council know what you think. Address correspondence to Ian Prosser, Chief Planning Officer, Milton Keynes Council, 1 Saxon Gate East, MK9 3 ZL The application no is MKC Application No. 02/1472/MIN

Further details can be found on the BRAIN web site - or email

Father Christmas on the Railway

Father Christmas will be on all trains on the Bedford to Bletchley line on Saturday 21st December from 9.30 am until 4 pm.  Children travel free accompanied by an adult paying full fare.

Parish Map

Are maps a maze or amazing?  Do they help you to find your way, or tie you in knots?  Are they the source of arguments or of harmonious journeys? What do you like about maps?  How much can they show? What can they tell you about a place?  Intrigued? Read on!  Several parishes have made their own maps, including their own vision of where they live.  Some are drawn to scale, others are a freerer representation of reality.  Painting, sewing, collage, drawing - you name it, we could try it.  If you'd like to have a go at working on a map of Bow Brickhill, join us at the Church Hall on Wednesday 8th January.  Drinks and biscuits provided.

Youth on Show

Youth on Show is affliliated to NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association).  We have recently had a critique of our 2002 production published in the NODA Autumn magazine.  it is probably the best review we've ever received!

"A Ghost of a Smile
Presented by Bow Brickhill Youth on Show
Production Team:  Heather O'shea, Mary Preen and Kayleigh O'Shea
Venue:  Jennie Lee Theatre, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
Yet another fun evening 3ith BBYOS, this time in an old mansion full of potty villains along with ghosts (goodies) and heroes, all of whom were excellently played by youngsters under the age of 16.  Mary, Heather and Kayleigh made sure the company were given the confidence needed during the rehearsal period to bring off this highly improbable story with flair and a light touch.  The Jokes were corn, the songs silly but all was fun.  The audience of Brownies, parents and other members of the family along with friends all laughed, cheered and booed till we were all cheered out."

2002 has been a good year for us.  We are bulging at the seams with enthusiastic members all enjoying the preparations for our 2003 production.  We would like wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy new year.  Contacts Mary 01908 647003, heather 01908 585245.

With Thanks

I would like to thank all my very dear friends for thier kindness and loyalty to me and my family over the last 52 years  We had a lovely life at Battams Close and will miss it very much.  We are very sad. The family came to Battams Close, Bow Brickhill in 1924 and have so many happy memories.  Thank you all.  Mrs Selby-Lowndes.

Bow Brickhill Club

"A Peep Behind the Scenes" of amateur theatre, a talk pesented by Ken Branchette, was the high spot of our November meeting. Ken kept us amused with anecdotes from his experience "on the boards" from the age of six as a child actor, through his army days to date with local amateur theatre.  After tea the afternoon was made complete with yet another of Rosemary's raffles.  Our next meeting at the Pavilion on December 3rd, promises to put us in the mood for Christmas with a programme of carols and seasonal songs performed by the children from our school.  Two days later on 5th December we shall be meeting in the Pavilion car park at 11.30 am prior to Christmas lunch at Splinter's restaurant at 12 midday.


You should put the following in your pink sack:  
Paper - newspapers and magazines, catalogues and directories, writing/typing paper, leaflets, cards, cardboard - so long as you can fit it in your box.  Otherwise, please take it to a community recycling centre.
Cans - food, drink and petfood cans.
Plastic Bottles - all household plastic bottles under 5 litres.

Please continue to put all glass bottles and jars in the blue box.  
The following are NOT suitable for recycling: aerosols, envelopes, any other form of plastic, paint tins, pyrex.

Mobile Library

By the War Memorial from 11 11.15 am on Friday 13th December.  Next visit 10th January.

Copy deadline We welcome your news for the next edition. Please deliver contributions by 19th December to Tim Holden, 31 Greenways, Bow Brickhill, tel 372626 or email

The Bow Brickhill newsletter is published and produced by All Saints Church, Bow Brickhill, supported by voluntary donations.

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