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Youth Club


Sunday School

There will be no Sunday School in August, but there will be a family service on Sunday 2 September at 11 am in the church.  Please rejoin us in the Church Hall at the bottom of Church Road at 11 am on Sunday 30 September as we investigate harvest.  All children are welcome:  if you're under three, please bring your Mum or Dad with you!

Fellowship Group

Recognising that August is a holiday month, the fellowship group will reconvene in the Church Hall on Wednesday 5 September at 8 pm.  Why not come and join us for an hour and a half on the first and third Wednesdays of the month?  Home made cakes or biscuits accompany the tea and coffee served in the Church Hall from 8 - 9.30 pm.  Come and get to know people from the church in a more relaxed way than is possible on a Sunday morning.

Ploughman's Lunch

£92 was raised for church funds at the lunch in June.  Thank you all who came along to support this event.

Church Open Day

The church will be open on Bank Holiday Monday, 27 August from noon until 5.30 pm.  Cream teas will be available in the churchyard (weather permitting); there will be photographs and memorabilia on display and the tower will be open.  So do come along and see the magnificent views of the countryside.

Date for your Diary

Autumn Bazaar - 17 November at the Pavilion, 2 - 4 pm.

Mursley Deanery Summer Trail

Take part in this exciting trail to some of the local churches and you might win the first prize of a champagne dinner for two at the Crooked Billet, Newton Longville. You have a chance to win £5 even if your entry is incorrect or incomplete.  Entry forms cost £1, are available from Diana Kesterton (tel 372434) and must be returned by 2 September.  The questions are suitable for any age eg: "Lying by the top gate, died in 1922.  Who?" is one of the two questions for Bow Brickhill.

New Parish Clerk

Mrs Julie Summerfield has been appointed as the new Parish Clerk who can be contacted at 12 Station Road, Bow Brickhill, Milton Keynes MK17 9JW.  Telephone/Fax 01908 645158, email:

Village Show

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone for their hard work and support of the Village Show on Sunday 15 July.  It was felt by all that the event was a huge success.


As detailed in the June newsletter planning proposals to the local plan have been made available for viewing by Milton Keynes Borough Council.  The Parish Council has obtained copies of the proposals for Bow Brickhill which are avaialble to all residents for viewing.

Foothpath No. 3

Footpath no. 3, Bow Brickhill, leading to the rail crossing has an extinguishment order placed on it.  The order is related to the section of the footpath that crosses the railway.  This is a cul-de-sac and there is no access to it from the other side.  Any objections to the order must be sent in writing to the Head of legal and Property Services, Milton Keynes Council, Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3HG by 24 August 2001.


In the light of the recent accident on Station Road near Greenways, the Parish Council would like to remind all residents not to park on the grass verges and pavements AT ANY TIME, as these vehicles cause severe obstruction and make these already busy areas more hazardous.  Residents of Station Road are reminded that there is a car park in Greenways for their vehicles.  This area has now been cleared of rubbish.

Traffic Calming

The Parish Council would like to remind all residents that they currently have funding for traffic claming in the village and would welcome any proposals or suggestions you have.  Please forward to any member of the Parish Council.

Church Road Traffic Calming - from Cllr David Hopkins

You will be aware that in recent months there has been much debate over the volumes of and management of traffic in Church Road.  In April the Parish Council held a specific residents seminar on the subject and the main issues coming out of that event were:

  • road gritting in bad weather

  • water and sand coming down the hill

  • traffic speeds and associated safety concerns

  • bicycle riders and horse riding

  • the golf course (various issues including signage)
    traffic signs

A way forward was agreed and it was hoped that some funding might soon be available from Milton Keynes Council.  Residents are all agreed that Church Road cannot be seen in isolation and that any scheme proposed should also, if possible, take into account any 'knock on effects' for the rest of the village and the safety of the school in particular.

Thames Valley Police have indicated their support for a 20 mph speed limit and their full involvement in the planning and implementation of any scheme is, of course, of paramount importance.

Woburn Folk Course have also indicated their intention to offer their full support and involvement in any scheme and of course I will continue to act as advocate at MKC to ensure that the best interests of the village are represented at the Traffic & Transport hearings of the new Council Cabinet and Scrutiny committees.

In addition, the Council has an upcoming investigation into road weight restrictions in rural areas and a major rural traffic investigation looking at the impacts Milton Keynes has had on the entire surrounding infrastructure.

I will keep you informed but would welcome any comments you may have on progress to date or any other local issues of concern.

East/West Rail Link - Public Meeting - from Cllr David Hopkins

As I promised at the Annual Parish Meeting, I have arranged for what is becoming the annual public railway meeting to be held at the Memorial Hall, High Street, Woburn Sands on Thursday 6 September 2001 starting at 7.30 pm.  The principal speaker will once again by Chris Hayward, of the East/West Rail Consortium, who will present all the latest news and views on the project and will then answer questions relating to the scheme - which it is intended will see a service running from Oxford to Bletchley next year and from Swindon to East Coast by 2005/6.  I do hope you will be able to attend for what I am certain will be a fascinating evening.


If you have not yet written your letter to support the Local Plan (Deposit Version) and thereby oppose the plans presented by the Wilkinson Partnership, itís not too late.  Please address you letter to: 

David Hackforth, Chief Planner, Environment Directorate, Milton Keynes Council, PO Box 112, Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 3HQ.

PBB would be very grateful if you could also send a copy of your letter to: 

Brian White MP, House of Commons, London SW1 1AOAA

Cllr David Hopkins, 80 Walton Road, Wavendon, Milton Keynes MK17 8LW 

Cllr Paul White, Freepost, 105 Queensway, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2BR

and to PBB itself, c/o 33 Station Road, Bow Brickhill, MK17 9JU

If you need help writing your letter or obtaining copies, please contact Mary Preen (647003), Joanne Mears (642441), Sue Malleson (372376), Sandy Paulger (378849) or Sue Willis (371408).

Bow Brickhill Show - from Alan Preen, Chairman Show Committee

After an absence of five years the Bow Brickhill Show was reinstated and Sunday 15 July turned out to be a marvellous day, the sun shone and huge number of people turned out to support the event.  It was gratifying to see so many village organisations represnted in their different ways from the smallest children to our more mature residents.  Thank you to everybody who entered the many competitions, who bought food and drink and applauded the various shows.  Many village groups benefited financially and the Pavilion development fund is now off the ground to the tune of £1,271.78.  I would just like to add my personal thanks to the small, very hard working and wonderfully enthusiastic team who worked tirelessly to make the day such a success.

Thanks to everybody who entered any of the competitions at the Show.  It was gratifying that so many entered into the spirit of the day and competed in such a good-humoured manner for the various prizes.  The guys running the old-fashioned sports day events were rather overwhelmed by the number of entrants and as a result were unable to record the names of all the winners.  Click here for results of the other competitions.

Bow Brickhill Club

First of all, we must thank the members of our club who gave their time so generously and worked so hard, serving refreshments at the Bow Brickhill Show.  This was very much appreciated.  Our thanks also to Alan Preen our speaker for the July meeting.  Alan's talk, supported by a video, gave us not only an interesting, but enlightening insight to his adventurous journey to and in the Himalayas.  During the following strawberry and cream team Alan answered the many questions fired at him by our members.  The meeting closed at 4.30 pm.

Arrangements for our summer outing on 4 September are now well in hand.  Our coach trip will take us through South Bucks (a scenic tour) to arrive at Waterperry Gardens in time for tea, and giving us time to look around the gardens and many other features at this location.  We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on Tuesday 7 August in the Pavilion at 2 pm.

Youth on Show - from Mary Preen and the YOS Committee

Our production of 'A Good Knights Work' at the Jennie Lee Theatre was a huge success, enjoyed equally by the cast, the crew and the audience.  The script, a story of dragons, a princess and knights of old, laced with humour appealed to all age groups.  Thank you to everybody who supported us.

The children also enjoyed a chance to take to the stage at the Bow Brickhill Show where we were invited to perform some of our songs from past productions.  A number of our cast also entered the Talent Competition (and the Glamorous Grandmother line-up! - ed.) Several of our older members and committee were introduced to Kevin Whately, who took the time to look at our display in the Pavilion.  

On a less positive note we have again experienced vandalism to our shed in the Pavilion yard - this is the third incident in as many months.  This time some irresponsible individuals have been on the roof, damaging the fibreglass roof light.  The roof is no longer watertight and the stash of material and costumes that it has taken us ten years to accummulate is likely to be spoit.

We are now taking a well-earned rest until Tuesday 11  September where we can be found at the Pavilion, junior cast 6 - 7 pm and senior cast 7 - 8.30 pm.  For further details contact Heath tel 01908 661389 or Mary tel 01908 647003, email  The Youth on Show cast and committee wish you all a very happy summer.

Kidney Research

The collection for Kidney Research raised £29.

To All our Friends and Regulars - from Babs and Grahame at the Wheatsheaf

Many of your will probably already know that Grahame and I are soon to be leaving The Wheatsheaf.  It will be a sad day for us, however at the same time we are looking forward to a new beginning in our new pub, our own pub, the Black Horse at Wootton, Beds.  This being a major stop forward for us as we take on a free house and all the costs and responsibilities that go with it.  We have enjoyed our time at The Wheatsheaf and would like to thank everyone for his or her customer over that time.

We extend our thanks to the various teams that have supported The Wheatsheaf during our time, the Darts Team, two Pool Teams, the A Team captained by Tony Impey and the B Team captained by Chris 'Jiffy' Giles.  Their contribution has been invaluable in rallying support for matches every week and the A Team for actually winning the league.

Speaking of teams, the Dominoes Team have not received the recognition that they deserve.  These guys rekindled the team and captained by Derek Pennington, quickly developed into a first class outfit not to be reckoned with.  Derek became a personal friend of ours and I would like to say that should any further renovations be required on the Old Forge, my services are available, but do not come cheaply.  After nine bottles of wine Del, I am sure you already know that.

Musically, we thank you for supporting our entertainment programme over the times and especially in the pursuit of our entertainments licence, opposed by few, but welcome by many.  A special thanks goes to Joe Carter and 'Get Smart' for providing their services and giving so much pleasure to so many.

In the catering department we have had the loyal and invaluable support of Pearl Tucker.  She came with the pub and boy are we glad.  We could not have found or wished for anyone better.

Your village pub is your village pub and that we respect, but you all will be very welcome to visit us at the Black Horse but please don't all come at once!  We have found that during our time at The Wheatsheaf "there are no strangers to your public house, only friends that you have not yet met"  This is now our philosophy and statement that we will adopt at the Black Horse.  Thanks once again every body for your loyal support; over the last two years, we have enjoyed ourselves enormously. Future best wishes.

The Wheatsheaf

Babs & Grahame have made many friends in the village who will be sorry to see them go.  We extend our good wishes for the future to them.  We welcome Tony and Pauline and hope they will be happy at the village.

Mobile Library

The mobile library will be in the village by the War Memorial on Friday 10 August and Friday 24 August from 11 - 11.15 am.

Recycling Calendar for July

Red Weeks: Wednesdays 1 & 15 August, Thursday 30 August
Blue Weeks: Wednesdays 8 & 22 August

Appeal by Steetley

You will be aware that Steetley have lodged an appeal against the refusal to grant their application to mine Fuller's Earth around Longslade Lane.  The public enquiry to determine this appeal will be heard on 19, 21, 25-28 September and 2 October 2001 in the Vilalge Hall, Crawley Road, Woburn.

There is no doubt that the decision of the Bedfordshire Council Council to reject the application was significantly influenced by your tremendous support.  The campaign is once again asking for your support as it feels it would be equally significant if local objectors could again signify their disapproval by turning up at the public enquiry.  Whatever time you are able to devote to registering your objection by attending on one day or even part of a day would be very much appreciated. If you would like further information or need transport to Woburn, please get in touch with Diana Kesterton Tel 01908 372434.

Contributions for the September newsletter should reach Norman Causer, 14 Downs View, Bow Brickhill Tel 01908 372884 by Friday 17 August please. 

NB: It is a great help if contributions are typed in a minimum of 12 pt sized font.  This means that A4 pages can be scaled down to A5 without the need for retyping.  If this sounds like gobbledegook, please contact Rosemary Clarke on 01908 370811 who is helping out with the preparation of the magazine.

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